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初中英语词性转换试题(有答案) 有免费初中试题下载吗

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学习必备 欢迎下载 初中英语最全的词性转换练习题(后附答案) 用括号中所给词的正确形式填空。 1. My family live on the _____(five) floor of the tall building. 2. Simon and Linda didn’t tell us the news. They wanted to keep the secret to ____(they) . 3. There are many apples on the tree, but some of them are hard _____(reach). 4. Listen。 The lovely birds are singing nicely and _____(soft) in the trees. 5. Ricky had a _____(please) trip to Lushan Mountain last spring. 6. They have invited a _____(science) to give them a speech on space. 7. I can’t stand hamburgers. They make me _____(feel) sick. 8. Yesterday was the _____(hot ) day of the year. 9. I’m patient. I don’t mind _______(wait) for people. 10. If Simon _____(have) time next weekend, he will go to the zoo. 11. Tom always does good things to others, so the headteachers speaks ____(high) of him. 12. One of the way of learning English ______(be) memorizing the words of pop songs. 13. Many people don’t enjoy ______(live) in big cities. 14. I am in my ______(three) year in this middle school. 15. As we all know, the weather in southwest of China is _______(dry) than any other time in history. 16. What’s the _____(mean) of “No Parking”? 17. It is very kind of you______(help) the old woman. 18. It seems that you have a fever. Have you taken_____(you) tempertaure? 19. It is ______(not rain ) tomorrow, we will go to the old people’s home. 20. We often see the girl_______(dance) on the square. 21. Peter, a friend of ______(my), went to Canada for a visit last week. 22. Which season do you like ______(good), spring, summer, autumn or winter? 23. It is important to make a corrert _______(decide). 24. We were _______(deep) moved by the story of the kind people in the earthquake. 25. Last night,I found it difficullt to fall ______(sleep) because of the loud noise. 26. A large of number of _____(foreign) visit Guizhou provice these years. 27. Thank goodness。 The letter I was looking forward to ______(reach) me at last. 28. Hainan Island is one of the most ______(wonder) places to spend summer. 29. The dinner room must _____(clean) three times a day. 30. My cousin is used to _____(study) with his new friends in Australia. 31. This is one of ______(big) rabbits in the world, He eats 12 carrods, six apples and two cabbages every day. 32. You’d better take a map with you, or you may get ______(lose). 33. As we know, Zhang Jiajie is famous for the different ________(shape) of mountains. 34. David id good at drawing and he’s going to be an _____(art) when he grow up. 35. In order to provide better services for foreigners during the 2nd Youth Olympic Games, lots of bus and taxi drivers are busy_____(learn) English. 36. If people don’t have breakfast in the morning, they will feel tired and get angry _______(easy). 37. It’s ______(polite) to ask a lady about her age in western countries. 38. ________(mother)Day is coming. We should prepare for it. 学习必备 欢迎下载 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. Look。
The teenagers are making cards ______(show) love for their mothers. If you touch the machine, you may hurt _____(you). You can make a _______(choose) among those programmes. The little girl came here by train all by _____(she). I’m a shy girl.I prefer to stay at home rather than ______(hang) out with friends. Be careful。 It’s too _____(danger) to cross the street. There is an introdution of writer at the ______(begin) of the book. Tim was seen ______(get) out of the subway at the staton the Centre Street. I’ve bought a present for my father’s ______(forty) birthday. Last Friday afternoon the young man ______(hurt) in the traffic accident which happened on the highway. Trust him。
He has no difficulty _____(work) out the problem. Cleaners clean the street every day. Their work is _____(true) common. Our beautiful classroom ______(clean) every day. In order to improve Mary’s self-confidence ,her teacher asked her to look at _____(she) in a marror every morning and say “I’m the best”. His parents are ______(pride) of what he has done for children in disaster area,. With the _______(develop) of science ,we can enjoy life better. More and more people all over the country are worried about food _____(safe). Windy does _____(badly) in P.E. than me. When I looked into the room , I found Tom himself ______(lie) in bed. ---Would you like some bananas? ----No, thanks.I _____(eat) one already. It took me half an hour _____(finish) my English homework yesterday. What a ______(snow) day。 The ground is covered with with snow everywhere. They are trying to do something _____(help) the old. Sally prefers staying at home to _____(go) out on Sundays. Although the soldier was very tired, his only wish is _____(save) more people from the accident. Nancy is too young to look after _____(she ), Don’t leave her alone. Recently the drought (干旱) is serious in the _____(south) part of China. Today most students can go to high school for further ______(educate) in our country. The air in this room is not fresh. Would you mind keeping the windows ______(open)? The more carefully you do your homework , the ______(few) mistakes you will make, What should we do to help the _____(home) people after the earthquake? By the time I got outside ,the school bus _____(leave). The children often get______(noise) in the classroom after class. Sometimes he spends his weekend _______(fish). Several _______(foreign) came to visit our school last week. My computer doesn’t work well. I have to get it _____(repair) tomorrow. John just got his ______(driver) license. Look。
is there. Let’s go and say hello to ______(she)? How about _______(invite) our English teacher to our party? Our Chinese teacher asked us to read a book _____(write) by Yu Qiuyu. 学习必备 欢迎下载 80. My uncle lives on the ______(twelve) floor of the building. 81. You can go _____(cross) the streer when the traffic lights turn green. 82. Can you see the sign“ No _______(Park) 。” ? 83. You need to explain your opinions quite ______(clear) when having a debate. 84. Let’s hope that all our troubles will _____(appear) soon. 85. The local people are ______(thank) that the whole nation are helping them rebuild the town. 86. It is well _____(know) that Shenzhen University in 2011 was a great success. 87. It takes _____(little) time to go there by underground than by bus. 88. You can’t watch TV until you finish _____(do) your homework. 89. This is my second time to come to Shenzhen ,so I have been to Shenzhen ______(two) . 90. I tried my best to help the girl ______(improve) her maths. 91. The students _______(teach) how to do the experiment in the class at this moment. 92. Playing too many computer games is ______(harm) to you. 93. It’s time dor class. We’d better go to our classroom as _______(quick) as possible. 94. Have you read ______(today) newspaper? 95. Jim’s mother is ______(worry) about her little son. 96. You mustn’t touch the machines unless you ______(allow) to. 97. If it ______(rain) next Sunday, we won’t have a football match. 98. As a student, every one of us is supposed to tell the ______(true). 99. He said that he ______(come) back in five minutes. 100. I prefer doing exercise to ______(watch) TV at home. 词性填空答案 1. fifth; 2. themselves; 3. to reach; 4. softly; 5. pleasing; 6. scientist; 8. hottest; g; 10. has; 11. highly; 12. is; 13. living; 14. third; 15. drier; 16. meaning; 17. to help; 18. your; 19 not rainy; 20. dance; 21. mine; 22. best; 23. decision; 25 asleep; 26. foreigners; 27. reaching; 29. wonderful; 30. be cleaned; 31. studying; 32. biggest; 33. lost; 34. shapes; 35. artist; 36. learning; 37. easily; 38. impolite; ’s; 40. to show; 41. yourself; 42. choice; 43. herself; 44. hang; 45. dangerous; 46. beginning; 47. to get; 48. fortieth; 49. hurt; 50. working; 51. truly; 52. is cleaned; 53. herself; 54. proud; 55. development; 56. safety; 57. worse; 58. lying; 59. has eaten; 60. to finish; 61. snowy; 62. to help; 63. going; 64. to save; 65. herself; 66. southern; 67. education; 68. open; 69. the fewer; 70. homeless; 71. had left; 72. noisy; 73. fishing; 74. foreigners; 75. repaired; 76. driver’s; 77. her; 78. inviting; 79. written; 80. twelfth; 81. across; 82. parking;83. clearly; 84. disappear; 85. thankful; 86. known; 87 less 88 doing 89 twice 90 improve 91 were taught 92 harmful 93 quickly 94 today’s 95 worried 96 are allowed 97 rains 98 truth 99 would come 100 watching 学习必备 欢迎下载 有免费初中试题下载吗。
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