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2017-2018上海市上海中学高一上学期周练英语试题 上海初中试题

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上海中学Choice 2017-2018学年第学期高一英语试题 impact__________ high technology draws worldwide attention. 22.________________,the more expansive gestures you should employ when you deliver a speech. more audience there is more the audience are much audience as there is larger the audience is is really an independent boy and he tries his best to settle every problem_______. his own his own C,for his own his own queen,__________ an old woman, made a poisonous apple and came to the cottage to tempt Snow White to eat it. A,dressed in was dressing like d like had clothes on as is reported that __________schools in the west of China are improving their study environment. A.a great many of large number of B..a great amount of D.a large number of you really mean_________a basketball player? Do you know that training to be a basketball player means_____________at least eight hours every day? ,practicing be,practicing be,to practice ,to practice ing the workload of a _________job alongside a course of study can be difficult, so there is an increasing tendency for people to give up work and go back to school. ing ing g nding 28. I couldn’t resist having another piece of cake ____________I was supposed to be on a diet and lose weight. er if 29. Your children will not follow your advice to ____________business management as his major if you ___________. up,force him to up,force him on,force him to on,force him students of class 8____________a farewell party for their retired class teacher from then on. a great decision to holding up their mind to hold determined to hold to hold machine is easy to___________,___________is shown in the pictures. e on, which operated, which operated on, as e, as ’s talent for music and acting led her into a(n)_________on the stage. sion tion gh the old man insisted he ___________all right,his children all insisted he______________to hospital at once. ,would be sent , be sent ,would be sent ,be sent was the financial scandal that he was involved___________pushed him to give up his political career. B,in what that D. in which are parts of our body,____________a special function to perform. of them has B,each has of which has of which has 36.A;It will be the first time that I _____________the subject. B;Don’t will be a little difficult the first time you _________it. taught,teach ,have taught teach,will teach taught,will teach ng off the bicycle an getting hurt,Jack asked a pass-by whether there was a drugstore around________he could buy the medicine for his broken knee, 38.I have a house,________ the south window opens which the window opens to window open to windows of which opens 39.E-mail is a convenient, highly informal medium for conveying message among people __________well satisfies human needs. B,who which ing to a report recently released by the US National Research Council,the amount of space junk flowing in Earth’s orbit has reached a critical lever_________future space mission may become too dangerous to fly. D of which Polo,who was a great Italian traveler, traveled all the way to China,_________was then called Cathy. arrived in New York in 1986,____________some time later, he became a writer. was almost midnight_________the ceremony was over. D,till smiled________her mother did when she was Jenny’s age. 45._________did you use to do________you don’t do now? A. 46._______glitters is not gold not all those__________wander are lost. ,who that,who ,that ,that ng Lake in Jiuzhaigou is so beautiful a place_________people can memorize forever even it no longer exists in real life. 48.I sent invitation to 100people to the party,__________turned up. whom only a third 30 of these all of them none of them is no difficulty___________we can overcome. 50. Could you lend me a knife________? to open the can which to open a can which I opened the can which I can use to open a can Vocabulary Complete the following passage by using the words in the word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. es trates ation te nt Prederic Mishikn, who’s been a professor at Columbia Business School for almost 30 years, is good at solving problems and expressing ideas. Whether he’s sending in front of a lecture hall or engaged in a ____51______ conversion, his hands are always waving and pointing. When he was in _____52_______school,one of his professors was so annoyed by this____53_____gesturing that he made the young economist sit on his hands whenever he visited the professor’s office. It turns out, however, that Mishikn’s professor had it exactly wrong. Gesture doesn’t prevent but ____54_____clear thought and speech. Research______55____that the movements we make with our hands when we talk_______56_____a kind of second language, adding information that is ____57_______from our words. It is learning’s_____58_______code;Gestures reveals what we know. It also reveals what we don’t know. What’s more, the agreement(or______59_______of agreement)between what our voices say and how our hands move offers a ___60________to our readiness to learn. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions:?For each blank in the following passage there are four words?or?phrases?marked A,?B,?C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the?context. One of the big excuses for not learning languages in Britain is that when you try them out abroad, the person you are speaking to responds in __61__ English, making you feel about two feet tall—or should that be 36 cm? English people are known for their reluctance to accept changes leading to closer union with us European partners. __62__ according to organizations promoting English business, ____63_____language learning is concerned, that simply doesn’t __53__ in that 21st?century. Trade Section UK aims to help British companies trading overseas. Its chief executive, Sir David Wright, says: “Language __64__ are good for business, good for jobs and help people in their career. Although many people may speak English __65__, they will usually negotiate in their own language. If we are to compete on an equal basis, it’s decisive that business ______66____ the challenge and uses languages more effectively.” The Council of Europe __67__ language learning as an important tool to improve communication and mutual understanding between individuals. The Center for Information on Language Teaching says that being able to speak __68__ language is a “basic life skill” and that the “language deficit in the UK has become an urgent economic, __69__ and political question.” The department for Education and Skills wants to __70__ teaching of modern foreign languages (MFT) at an earlier stage in the future. Primary school children will get greater __71__?to foreign language learning. Currently, about 20 percent of primary schools offer MFL teaching. The Department wants to increase this __72__ by 2012 every child has an entitlement to study a language at primary school. Education and Skills secretary Estelle Morris is very __73__ about more primary schools taking up the __74__ challenge. Children are just so much more responsive___75_____an earlier age. 61. A. broken B. perfect C. natural D. simple 62. A. And B. But C. So D. Besides 63. A. whose B. where C. which D. that 64. A. technology B. Learners C. skills D. teachers 65. A. at home B. in school C aboard D. Overseas 66. A. takes up B. takes off C. takes over D. takes in 67. A. finds B. thinks C. regards D. believes 68. A. native B. local C. another D. certain 69. A. physical B. mental C. spiritual D. social 70. A. permit B. encourage C. demand D. challenge 71. A. admission B. access C. chance D. approach 72. A. in that B. that C. now that D. so that 73. A. worried B. concerned C. positive D. negative 74. A. language B. business C. competition D. learning 75. A. to B. on C. at D. of Reading comprehension (A) I made a pledge (发誓) to myself on the way down to the vacation beach cottage. For two weeks I would try to be a loving husband and father. Totally loving. No ifs, ands or buts. The idea had come to me as I listened to a talk on my car radio. The speaker was quoting a Biblical (圣经的) passage about husbands being thoughtful of their wives. Then he went on to say, "Love is an act of will.A person can choose to love." To myself, I had to admit that I had been a selfish husband. Well, for two weeks that would change. And it did. Right from the moment I kissed Evelyn at the door and said, "That new yellow sweater looks great on you. "Oh, Tom, you noticed," she said, surprised and pleased, maybe a little puzzled. After the long drive, I wanted to sit and read. Evelyn suggested a walk on the beach. I started to refuse, but then I thought, "Evelyn's been alone here with the kids all the week and now she wants to stay with me." We walked on the beach while the children flew their kites. So it went. Two weeks of not calling the Wall Street firm where I am a director; a visit to the shell museum though I usually hate museums. Relaxed and happy, that's how the whole vacation passed. I made a new pledge to keep on remembering to choose love. There was one thing that went wrong with my experiment, however. Evelyn and I still laugh about it today. Last night at our cottage, preparing for bed, Evelyn stared at me with the saddest expression. " What's the matter?" I asked her. "Tom," she said in a voice filled with distress, "do you know something I don't?" "What do you mean?" " Well...that checkup (体检) I had several weeks ago...our doctor...did he tell you something about me?Tom, you've been so good to me...am I dying?" It took a moment for it all to sink in. Then I burst out laughing. "No, honey," I said, wrapping her in my arms. "You're not dying; I'm just starting to live." 76. In the first paragraph, "No ifs, ands or buts" probably means ____. A. Unnecessarily B. unconditionally C. impossibly D. unexpectedly 77. During the two weeks on the beach, Tom showed more love to his wife because _____. A. she looked lovely in her new clothes B. she was seriously ill C. he was determined to be a good husband D. he had made a lot of money in Wall Street 78. By saying "I'm just starting to live", Tom means that _____. A. he is beginning to feel regretful for what he did to his wife B. he lived an unhappy life before and is now starting to change C. he is just beginning to understand the real meaning of life D. he is just beginning to enjoy his life as a loving husband (B) As I was thinking about language learning the other day, the image of baking bread came into my mind.I compared some of the exercises and drills that we put ourselves through in order to learn a language to the various ingredients (原料) that go into baking a loaf of fresh bread. Real language learning takes place in human relationships.No one sits down and eats a cup of flour, even if he is hungry and in a hurry.You don' t become bilingual (双语的) by learning lists of vocabulary.You don' t become a speaker of a language by memorizing grammatical rules.You become bilingual by entering a community that uses that other language as its basic means of communication. I am not suggesting that we can make bread without ingredients.Flour is necessary, as are yeast (酵母), salt, water and other ingredients.Vocabulary is part of any language and will have to be learned.Grammatical rules exist in every language and cannot be ignored.But merely combining the appropriate ingredients in the recommended proportions does not result in bread.At best, you only end up with a ball of dough (面团). In order to get bread, you have to apply heat to the dough.And in language learning, that heat comes from the community.Anyone who has learned a second language has experienced that heat.It creeps up your neck when you ask the babysitter “Have you already been eaten?” when you meant to say, ‘‘Have you already eaten?” When you try to say something quite innocent and the whole room bursts into laughter, you are experiencing the heat that turns raw dough into good bread. Remember the old saying, “If you can' t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen".This is where language learning often breaks down because we find the heat uncomfortable and we stop the baking process.In other words, we can' t stand the heat, so we get out of the kitchen. However, the language learner who stays in the kitchen-in the heat-until the combined ingredients are thoroughly transformed will enjoy the richness of a quality loaf of bread. He is glad that he did not "get out of the kitchen” at the important moment when the oven seemed too dedicated language learner knows that becoming bilingual cannot be achieved without the heat. ing to the author, you can possibly become a speaker of a language by ________. A.bearing millions of words and expressions in your mind B.using the language to communicate with those around you C.Knowing verb conjugations and grammatical rules D.saying something innocent to be laughed at by others 80.'What’s the purpose of illustration of the example-you ask the babysitter,"Have you already been eaten?"When you meant to say,"Have you already eaten?"? A. To verify that you are sure to make some mistakes when you enter a community. show that you should combine the ingredients in the recommended proportions. C. To prove that you may experience"heat"from the community in language learning. D. To indicate that being bilingual calls for your courage, confidence and perseverance. ing to the passage, which of the following is NOT the necessity of baking bread and learning language? A.Excellent Skills. B.Various ingredients. C.Appropriate proportions. D.Uncomfortable heat. (C) Like most people, I’ve long understood that I’ll be judged by my occupation, that my profession is used by people to see how talented I am. Recently, however, I was disappointed to see that it also decides how I’m treated as a person. Last year I left a professional position as a small-town reporter and took a job waiting tables. As someone paid to serve food to people, I had customers say and do things to me I suppose they’d never say or do to the people they know. One night a man talking on his cell phone waved me away, then called me back with his finger a minute later, saying angrily that he was ready to order and asking where I’d been. I had waited tables during summers in college and was treated like a peon(勤杂工) by plenty of people. But at 19 years old, I believed I deserved inferior(低等的)treatment from professional adults. Besides, people responded to me differently after I told them I was in college. Customers would joke that one day I’d be sitting at their table, waiting to be served. Once I graduated I took a job at a community newspaper. From my first day, I heard a respectful tone from everyone who called me. I assumed this was the way the professional world worked--- politely and formally. I soon found out differently. I sat several feet away from a person in advertising department with a similar name. Our calls would often get mixed up and someone asking for Kristen would be transferred to Christie. The mistake was immediately clear. Perhaps it was because of money, but people used a tone with Kristen that they never used with me. My job title made people treat me with courtesy. So it was a shock to return to be the restaurant industry. It’s no secret that there’s a lot to put up with when waiting tables, and fortunately, much of it can be easily forgotten when you pocket the tips. The service industry exists to meet others’ needs. Still, it seemed that many of my customers didn’t get the difference between server and servant. I’m now applying to graduate school, which means someday I’ll return to a profession where people need to be nice to me in order to get what they want. I think I’ll take them to dinner first, and see how they treat someone whose job is to serve them. 82. The author was disappointed to find that_____________。 A. one’s position is used to measure one’s intelligence. B. Talented people like her should fail to get a respectable job C. one’s occupation affects the way one is treated as a person. D. professionals tend to look down upon manual workers. 83. What does the author intend to say by the example in Paragraph 2。 A. Waiting tables is a hard job. B. Some customers are difficult to deal with. C. The man making a phone call is absent-minded. D. Some customers show no respect to those who serve them. does the author imply by saying"... Many of my customers didn’t get the difference between server and servant (Lines 3-4, Para. 7)? A. Those who cater to others' needs are destined to be looked down upon. B. Those working in the service industry shouldn't be heated as servants. C. Those serving others have to put up with rough treatment to earn a living. D. The majority of customers tend to look on a servant as 4. server nowadays. 85. The author says one day she’ll take her customers to dinner in order to _______. A. see what kind of person they are B. experience the feeling of being served C. shoe her generosity towards people inferior to her their sympathy for people living a humble life (D) In 1784, five years before he became president of the United States, George Washington, 52, was nearly toothless. So he hired a dentist to transplant nine teeth into his jaw—having extracted them from the mouths of his slaves. That's a far different image from the cherry-tree-chopping George most people remember from their history books. But recently, many historians have begun to focus on the roles slavery played in the lives of the founding generation. They have been spurred in part by DNA evidence made available in 1998, which almost certainly proved Thomas Jefferson had fathered at least one child with his slave Sally Hemings. And only over the past 30 years have scholars examined history from the bottom up. Works of several historians reveal the moral compromises made by the nation's early leaders and the fragile nature of the country's infancy. More significantly, they argue that many of the Founding Fathers knew slavery was wrong—and yet most did little to fight it. More than anything, the historians say, the founders were hampered by the culture of their time. While Washington and Jefferson privately expressed distaste for slavery, they also understood that it was part of the political and economic bedrock of the country they helped to create. For one thing, the South could not afford to part with its slaves. Owning slaves was "like having a large bank account," says Wiencek, author of An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America. 'The southern states would not have signed the Constitution without protections for the "peculiar institution," including a clause that counted a slave as three fifths of a man for purposes of congressional representation. And the statesmen's political lives depended on slavery. The three-fifths formula handed Jefferson his narrow victory in the presidential election of 1800 by inflating the votes of the southern states in the Electoral College. Once in office, Jefferson extended slavery with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803; the new land was carved into 13 states, including three slave states. Still, Jefferson freed Hemings' children—though not Hemings herself or his approximately 150 other slaves. Washington, who had begun to believe that all men were created equal after observing the bravery of the black soldiers during the Revolutionary War, overcame the strong opposition of his relatives to grant his slaves their freedom in his will. Only a decade earlier, such an act would have required legislative approval in Virginia. 86. In Paragraph 1,George Washington's dental surgery is mentioned to__________ A.show the poor medical practice in the past. B.demonstrate the great cruelty of slavery in his days. C.stress the important role of slaves in the entire U.S. history. D.reveal an unknown aspect of his life and introduce the topic may infer from the second paragraph that_____________. A. DNA technology has been widely applied to history research. B. In its early day. s the U. S. was confronted with delicate situations. C. historians deliberately made up some stories of Jefferson's life. cal compromises are easily found throughout the U. S. history. 88. What do we learn about Thomas Jefferson? A. His political view changed his attitude towards slavery. B. His status as a father made him free the child slaves. C. His attitude towards slavery was complex. D. His affair with a slave ruined his reputation. of the following is TRUE according to the text? A. Some founding fathers benefited politically from slavery. B. Slaves in the old days did not have the right to vote. C. Slave owners usually had large savings accounts. D. Washington decided to free slaves due to moral considerations. Translation 1.社会上,年轻人赶时髦,穿时尚衣服是常有的事。
(practice) 2.在各种教育机构工作的老师们总是尽力帮助学生学习知识。
(try) 3.老板非常感谢经常帮助他把文件整齐有序地放进文件柜的秘书。(grateful) 4.那队有三名外科医生组成的医疗队已经为贫困地区制定好了医疗计划。(make) 上海初中试题。
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