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上海初中英语竞赛试题答案 上海初中试题

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上海初中英语竞赛试题(笔试)试题和答案 2005 Shanghai Junior High School English Contest Paper for Written English I. Vocabulary and Structure: 30% 1. Adams hadn’t a _________ what the speaker was talking about most of time because the class was in chaos. A. guess B. thought C. concept D. clue 2. Any one who followed _________ would be blessed with a richer life and boundless love from his family. A. my set of rules B. my packet of rules C. my group of rules D. my pack of rules 3. _________, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, was crowned top-earning dead celebrity of the past 12 months. A. Elton John B. Elvis Presley C. Sting D. Michael Jackson 4. "To be or not to be, that is the question” is a quotation from Shakespeare’s play _________. A. Romeo and Juliet B. Macbeth C. Hamlet D. King Lear 5. My cousin Betty is the black _________ of the family A. cow B. pig C. horse D. sheep 6. I’ve got my driving test this afternoon so keep your _________ crossed. A. toes B. fingers C. arms D. legs 7. As Mr. Best was passing the bookshop, he thought he'd just _________ to see whether any interesting books were on sale. A. look in B. look up C. look round D. look for 8. Lenny advised me to have a _________ of brandy because it will make me less nervous. A. bite B. lick C. sip D. touch 9. My father's very quiet too. I _________ him. A. follow with B. take after C. look like D. turn up to be 10. The capital of Australia is _________ A. Sydney B. Melbourne C. Liverpool D. Canberra 11. Germany has won the World Cup _________ A. twice B. three times C. four times D. five times 12. Tony Blair became _________ of Britain in 19971 A. president B. general secretary C. prime minister D. king 13. _________ was defeated at the battle of Waterloo. A. Hitler B. Napoleon C. Mussolini D. Richard Nixon 14. There are two main political parties in the USA, _________ and _________. A. the Democrats and the Republicans B. the Democrats and the Labors C. the Democrats and the Conservatives D. the Conservatives and the Republicans 15. The news was _________ on the radio the day before yesterday. A. broadcast B. to broadcast C. being broadcasted D. broadcasting 16. _________ has been set as the theme for Olympics Beijing 2008. A. A Green, Cheerful and People's Olympics B. A Successful, Impressive and People's Olympics C. A Green, High-tech and People’s Olympics D. A Successful, High-tech and People’s Olympics 17. I can’t get into my apartment because I left the key. _________ my door in my car. A. of B. from C. on D. to 18. _________ is often used to stand for the British Government. A. Downing Street B. White Hall C. White House D. The fleet street 19. On New Year's Eve, there will be a firework _________ at People's Square. A. exhibition B. performance C. show D. display 20. The year 2002 was _________ Golden Jubilee. A. Queen Mary B. Queen Elizabeth I C. Queen Victoria D. Queen Elizabeth 1I 21. It's not far from the village if we take the short _________ through the jungle. A. pass B. comer C. turning D. cut 22. Yao Ming, a rising star in NBA, is now playing basketball with the _________. A. Chicago Bulls B. Los Angeles Lakers C. Houston Rockets D. West Point 23. What does "It rings a bell." mean? A. It' s time for class. B. It' s New Year. C. It sounds familiar. D. It sounds interesting. 24. Could you keep a(n) _________ on the baby for a moment? A. heart B. eye C. hand D. ear 25. I haven't got e-mail at home. I'll have to write to you by _________ mail. A. pigeon B. monkey C. snail D. tortoise 26. The first cloned sheep “_________” was born on 5 July 1996 at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland. A. Kelly B. Dolly C. Shelly D. Polly 27. The term CEO stands for _________. A. Chief Executive Officer B. Central Executive Officer C. Chief Executive Official D. Central Executive Official 28. Shanghai Maglev Line -the world' s first passenger Transrapid Maglev high speed railway -- uses magnets to propel it at speeds of up to _________ kph. A. 340 B. 334 C. 430 D. 433 29. Bill is the short name for _________. A. Thomas B. Richard C. William D. Robert 30. There flows River _________ in Paris. A. Thames B. Nile C. Yangtze D. Saine II. Reading Comprehension: 15% (A) Most Americans think that ice cream is as American as baseball and apple pie. But ice cream was known long before America was discovered. The Roman emperor Nero may have made a kind of ice cream. He hired hundreds of men to bring snow and ice from the mountains. He used it to make cold drinks. Traveler Marco Polo brought back recipes for chilled and frozen milk from China. Hundreds of years later, ice cream reached England. It is said that King Charles enjoyed that treat very much. There is a story that he bribed his cook to keep the recipe for ice cream a royal secret. Today ice cream is known throughout the world. Americans alone eat more than two billion quarts a year. 31 .The passage says that most Americans _________ A. think that ice cream is very new B. think that ice cream was an American idea C. know that ice cream has a long history D. do not know what ice cream is 32. The Roman emperor Nero hired men to _________ A. make ice cream for him B. bring ice cream from China C. guard the secret of ice cream D. bring ice to cool his drinks 33. Charles I of England wanted to _________ A. make ice cream popular B. keep the secret of ice cream for himself C. develop new kinds of ice cream D. bring ice cream recipes from China (B) Ben Johnson is one of the few men ever buried standing up. As the story goes, King Charles I once made him a promise. The king told the great writer that he would be buried in England's famous Westminster Abbey. But that wasn't all. Johnson could choose any place he liked for his grave. Johnson died in 1637. Then it was found that the spot he had picked was already filled. The ground space left in it was just eighteen inches square. King Charles 1 kept his words. He had Johnson's coffin placed on its end in the small place. That's the way it would just fit. 34. Which probably happened first? A. Johnson picked a place in the Abbey. B. Johnson died. C. Johnson received Charles’s promise. D. Johnson told the king of his choice. 35. Charles I found out the place filled after _________ A. Johnson’s death B. Johnson’s burial C. the reading of Johnson’s will D. 1638 36. Johnson’s coffin was placed upright so that it would _________ A. face the west B. look bigger C. take less room D. reach the floor 37. The story shows that Charles tried to _________ A. role Britain well B. keep his promise C. learn about art D. write poems and stories (C) Along with jogging and swimming, cycling is one of the best all-round forms of exercise. It can help to increase your strength and energy, giving you more efficient muscles and a stronger heart. But increasing your strength is not the only advantage of cycling. Because you're not carrying the weight of your body on your feet, it's a good form of exercise for people with painful feet or backs. However, with all forms of exercise it's important to start slowly and build up gently. Doing too much too quickly can damage muscles that aren't used to working. If you have any doubts about taking up cycling for health reasons, talk to your doctor and ask his/her advice. Ideally you should be cycling at least two or three times a week. For the exercise to be doing you good, you should get a little out of breath. Don't worry if you begin to lose your breath. Shortness of breath shows that the exercise is having the right effect. However, if you find you are in pain then you should stop and take a rest. 38. The words "Along with" (in Para. 1, line 1) most probably means _________ A. In accordance with B. Except for C. In addition to D. Instead of 39. Cycling is good for people with painful back because _________ A. they can avoid putting all their weight on their feet B. they can have some exercise on their back C. they must start slowly and build up gently D. they can relieve pain from the back 40. The probable result of sudden exercise is that _________ A. you might get a little out of breath B. you will lose your breath C. you can get your muscles hurt D. you' ll find you are in pain with your heart 41. What is the writer's purpose of writing this article? A. To give amusement B. To make criticism C. To give advice D. To give warning (D) Dear Sir, I am writing to make a strong complaint about the impolite treatment my guests, my colleague and I received when we visited your restaurant last Friday evening. On booking a table for four by telephone on Tuesday we were assured that there would be room for us despite the fact that your restaurant had been open only for a few weeks and all the tables had already been booked. We appreciate that there must be great demand for restaurant meals at this time of the year in such a popular and historic area but we were not expecting such an ill-mannered reception on the part of your head waiter. Our Chinese friends are currently touring the 'Shakespeare Country' and were looking forward to a traditional English dinner in such a charming setting. But our hopes for an enjoyable evening out were instantly spoilt when your head waiter informed us that he had received no booking in our name and, so, no table was reserved for our party. My colleague and I protested at this and asked to speak to the Manager, who, we were told, was unavailable. Your staff then offered us a table which we all had to share with another couple and no effort was made to smooth over the unpleasantness we had experienced. We also had to wait for some considerable time before the menu was brought to us. I trust you will give this complaint your prompt attention as the whole embarrassing incident was a great disappointment to our guests and set a bad example to our English hospitality. Yours sincerely, Mr. Paul J. Weller 42. Mr. Weller could be described as being _________ A. disappointed B. impolite C. moderately dissatisfied D. hurt and angry 43. The writer had the unpleasant experience in _________ A. a hotel B. a Chinese restaurant C. a restaurant in Shakespeare’s birthplace D. a bar in London 44. Mr. Weller hopes that this letter of complaint _________ A. will be looked into at once B. will embarrass the manager C. will result in the restaurant being closed D. will cause the quick dismissal of the head waiter (E) Like mother, like son 1955 Dear Mummy I hate this boarding school. Food Awful, prefects bully me. Please take me home. Love, David. Dear David Nonsense。 Chin up. Mother 1997 Dear David I hate this home. Food awful, nurses treat me like a child. Fetch me immediately. Mother Dear Mother ________。 Chin up. David 45. What is the theme of the above short story? A. The mother encouraged her son to stay against harsh condition and so did his son to his mother 22 years later. B. The son had a high moral sense to cheer his mother up while she was suffering in the Old People's House C. The son refused his mother’s urgency for help because he was treated as such when he was at boarding school 22 years ago. D. The son wanted his mother to experience how he was put down 22 years ago at boarding school. III. Cloze Test: 20% (A) A folk tale is a very old story that has been passed down from one family to another, from one generation to another. These old stories are often called fairy stories because so many of them are about (46) _________. Every country has its own folk tales and its own (47) _________ of telling fairy stories. In Germany, there lived two brothers, the Grimm brothers. They (48) _________folk tales. We know these stories (49) _________ "Grimm’s Fairy Tales'. Many of the tales told about the countries near Germany (50) _________ they lived. Some of them were partly (51) _________ The Grimm brothers did not (52) _________ write the stories for boys and girls. They planned them for older people living in Germany. (53) _________ when the children heard the stories, they wanted to hear them again and again. (54) _________ of this happened long, long ago, but boys and girls everywhere still read and (55) _________ Grimm's tales. 46. A. children B. girls C. fairies D. Grimm 47. A. way B. place C. custom D. tellers 48. A. wrote B. collected C. read D. invented 49. A. in B. like C. as D. for 50. A. where B. when C. as D. because 5 I. A. wrong B. true C. 'interesting D. good 52. A. thoroughly B. easily C. really D. regularly 53. A. So B. But C. Additionally D. Generally 54. A. Much B. Part C. Some D. All 55. A. enjoy B. write C. tell D. keep (B) How would you like to go to a school like this one in Oxford, England? There are no formal classes. The students (56) _________ from one group to another when they want to. (57) _________may find students who are fourteen, fifteen or sixteen years old all in the same (58) _________. They work at their own speed. (59) _________ tells them what they should or shouldn't be doing. The day I (60) _________, school began at nine. Some students were working (61) _________ a tape recorder and listening to their own voices. Others were watching a TV program (62) _________ physics. A third group was working in the library. I didn't see anybody just sitting doing (63) _________. Nobody was wasting time. (64) _________ the students taking a break in the cafeteria were having a (65) _________ on politics. 56. A. move B. study C. travel D. stay 57. A. You B. A man C. He D. I 58. A. grade B. school C. class D. group 59. A. Somebody B. A teacher C. Nobody D. The group leader 60. A. visited B. moved C. studied D. stayed 61. A. on B. with C. for D. Through 62. A. in B. according to C. on D. by 63. A. something B. much C. anything D. nothing 64. A. However B. Even C. Also D. 0nly 65. A. drink B. show C. debate D. quarrel Key: 1.(D) 2.(A) 3.(B) 4.(C) 5.(D) 6.(B) 7.(A) 8.(C) 9.(B) 10.(D) 11.(B) 12.(C ) 13.( B ) 14.(A) 15.(A ) 16.(C) 17.(D) 18. (B) 19.(D) 20.(D) 21.( D) 22.(C) 23. (C) 24.( B ) 25.( C ) 26.( B) 27.(A) 28.( C ) 29.( C ) 30.( D ) 31.( B) 32.(D) 33.( B ) 34.( C ) 35.( A ) 36.( C) 37.( B) 38.( C ) 39.( A ) 40.( C ) 41.( C ) 42.(D) 43.( C ) 44.( A ) 45.( C ) 46.( C ) 47. (A) 48.( B ) 49.( C ) 50.( A ) 51.( B ) 52. (C) 53.( B ) 54.( D ) 55.( A ) 56.( A ) 57.(A) 58.(.D) 59.( C ) 60.(A ) 61.(B) 62.(C) 63.(D) 64.(B) 65.(C) 上海初中试题。
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