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武汉市名校初中五校联考2021届英语八年级上学期期末学业水平测试试题 小学考初中试题

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武汉市名校初中五校联考2021届英语八年级上学期期末学业水平测试试题 一、选择题 1.They will have a big party to _____________ their grandpa's 70th birthday. month. A.record B.secret C.rule D.instruction 3.John will never be able to ______in our hearts . A.dress as C.instead A.in B.until C.for D.and 5.— What a beautiful box。 What’s in it, Mum? — I’m not sure. It be a birthday present from your uncle. A.must B.need C.may D.should 6.______some water ______ the soup. A.Add;to B.Add;up C.add;to D.Add;up to 7.(题文)-__________she eats a lot every day, she is not fat at all. -How lucky。 A.Because B.So C.If D.Although 8.(题文)—Can you _______ with us tomorrow? —Sure. A.play the tennis B.play tennis C.playing the soccer D.play piano 9.—Susan,can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? — . A.No,thanks B.Yes,please C.Sure,I’d love to D.That’s all right 10.Linda,I know you are busy now,but I have to tell you. A.important something B.anything important C.important anything D.something important 11.WOLF is to FLOW as 8526 is to_____________. A.2856 C.5862 A.watching B.6258 D.5682 B.to watch C.seeing B.come out D.take your place ate 2.The English teacher makes it a __________ for her students to read at least two books a 4.I had too much work to do last night . I didn’t go to bed _______________11 0’clock. 12.It’s time to do your homework. Stop _______TV. 13.—Where will you go for your vacation? —I decide Australia. A.go to honey of honey 二、单词填空 B.to go to C.going to make D.will go to making honeys spoons 14.Finally,we found a way _________ a banana milk shake. 15.Give me _________,please. spoon of honey 16.(题文)根据句意及汉语提示写单词完成句子。 1)(小题1)My mother called me at 443-5667 for more ________ (信息). 2)(小题2)I was pretty ________ (严肃的) in what I said at dinner. 3)(小题3)Tom often makes people ________ (笑). 4)(小题4)Yesterday he ________ (打破) his watch. 5)(小题5)We ________ (应该) wear uniforms at school. 三、句型转换 17. 1)The students are in Europe now. (用 in five years改写句子) The students ________ ________in Europe in five years. 2)There will be more pollution in the future.(改为否定句) There ________ ________ more pollution in the future. 3)People will use the subways less.(改为一般疑问句) _______ people_________ the subways less? 4)The weather will be sunny tomorrow.(对画线部分提问) What ________ the weather tomorrow? 5)There will be world peace in the future.(改为一般疑问句) ________ there ________ world peace in the future? 四、完成句子 18. 1)你妈妈认为运动节目怎么样。 What__________ your mother____________ __________ sports shows? 2)我们要尽力实现我们的梦想。 We will____________ __________ _________to realize our dreams. 3)木兰女扮男装替她父亲去打仗。 Mulan__________ __________like a boy and _________her father’s _________to fight in the army. 4)她能取得好成绩,其中一个主要原因是她学习努力。 She can get good grades, and _________ _________ __________ __________ ________is that she works hard. 5)这部电影表达了她对家庭、朋友和国家的爱。 The movie __________her___________ __________ her family, friends and country. 五、完形填空 19.Shopping online is easier than actually going to a store and saves your time. However, it’s not always so easy. Sometimes, you may have a few 1 A university student named Xu Zijiao often buys clothes 2 Taobao. “The colors might be 3 And since you can’t 4 the clothes, the quality might be bad,” he said. Many people had similar experiences to Xu---buying 5 that isn’t as good as the advertisements suggest, 6 going into a store for a special offer but still paying a lot. What would you do then? 7 is World Consumer Rights Day(国际消费者权益日). According to consumer(消费者) protection laws in China, consumers 8 nine rights, including the right to truthful information, free choice , respect and so on. If you 9 there’s any problem with your goods, talk to the seller first, and try 10 your money back or get an exchange. If you can’t reach an agreement, call 5 or go to your local consumers association (协会) for help. 1)A.questions 2)A.in 3)A.difference 4)A.feel 5)A.anything 6)A.or 7)A.March 2 8)A.has 9)A.find 10)A.get B.advice B.at B.different B.sound B.nothing B.and B.May 1 B.had B.finds B.gets C.problems C.to C.same C.hear C.everything C.but C.April 5 C.have C.will find C.to get D.messages D.on D.similar D.look D.something D.yet D.March 5 D.will have D.found D.getting 20.Every evening Mr. Black walked from his office to the 1 after work. He often passed a poor man ____at the side of the road, an old dog sat 2 him. There was a piece of wood round the dog’s neck with the words “I’m blind(瞎子) .” Mr. Black was a kind man. He_____gave the poor man a little money. One day Mr. Black had a lot of work in his office and was late. To catch the train, he walked quickly without____to give any money to the poor man .But the man stood up quickly, ran___ him and said, “You haven’t given me anything today. Give me a little money today, too. I’m a _____man.” Mr. Black was 3 and said, “You are a blind man. How can you 4 me?” But the poor man said, “No, I am not blind. _____my dog is.” 1)A. home B. street C. station D. shop 2)A. sittingB. standingC. singing D. crying 3)A. around B. beside C. betweenD. over 4)A . neverB. sometimes C. seldom D. always 5)A . stopping B. walking C. forgetting D. looking 6)A . at B. before C. after D. round 7)A. blind B. deaf C. poor D. kind 8)A. worried B. surprised C. angry D. sad 9)A. know B. catch C. ask D. follow 10)A. But B. And C. So D. Because 六、用所给的词正确形式填空 21.(题文) 1)He fell ill last Week .This week he feels even _____(bad). 2)—Tom, could you help me with bousework? —_____ (certain). I'd like to. 3)I am sure she did ____(good) in the last exam. 4)Be ___ care when you cross the street. 5)Lily is too young ____(solve) the problem. 七、阅读理解 22. Once a year, a race is held for old cars. A lot of cars entered for this race last year and there was a great deal of excitement just before it began. One of the most handsome cars was a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels (车轮). Made in 5, it was the oldest car taking part in the race. After a great many loud explosions(爆炸), the race began. Many of the cars broke down on the course and some drivers spent more time under their cars than in them. A few cars, however, completed the race. The winning car reached a speed (速度) of forty miles an hour much faster than any of its rivals. It sped (加速前进) downhill at the end of the race and its driver had a lot of trouble trying to stop it. The race gave everyone a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no less exciting. 1.It was a race for modern cars. A.T A.T A.T A.T A.T they will have a busy weckend. Saturday Dad-clean the car in the garden Morning Mom-clean the kitchen and bedrooms Amy-have dance lessons in the gym Rose-workon science projects in the li-brary Afternoon Evening Sunday Morning Mom-make a big birthday cake Amy and Rose -wrap Grandpa's gifts Amy-help Mom cook delicious food Ros-hep Dad ecorate the sitting room Amy and Rose-give gifts to Grandpa The whole family- have a party Mom and Dad-buy some food at the su-permarket Amy and Rose-pick up gifts and cards for Grandp watch TV together B.F B.F B.F B.F B.F 2.The most unusual car was a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost with three wheels. 3.Only a few cars could reach the end. 4.The race was full of danger and pleasure. 5.All the cars had no trouble on the course. 23.This Sunday is Grandpa's 5th birthday. The Smart family are going to celebrate it, so Afternoon Evening 1.The Smart family will be busy this weekend because they plan to___. A.work on science projects C.celebrate Grandpa's birthday A.Dad B.Mom B.do some cleaning D.watch TV togther C.Amy D.Rose 2.____wants tomake a birthday cake on Sunday morning. 3.The whole family will watch TV on ______. A.Saturday afternoon C.Sunday morning A.in the library C.at the supermarket 5.Amy and Rose will _____together. A.wrap Grandpa's gifts C.have dance lessons 八、书面表达 24.书面表达 假设你的朋友是孙文,今天英语口语课上的话题是“Help Your Friends Solve Problems”。请根据以下提示,跟大家分享以下你是如何帮助朋友解决问题的。 提示:1. What was your friend’s problem? 2. How did you solve it? 要求:1. 语句通顺,符合逻辑,可适当发挥; 2. 70词左右。开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Sun Wen is one of my good friends. He had a problem once. _____________________ I was very happy to help my friend solve his problem.
【参考答案】***试卷处理标记,请不要删除 一、选择题 题号 答案 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 B C D B C A D B C D B A B C D B.cook the food D.decorate the sitting room B.Saturday evening D.Sunday evening B.in the gym D.in the sitting room 4.Dad and Rose will be ____on Sunday after-noon. 二、单词填空 16.1)2)information 3)4)serious 5)
【小题5】Should 三、句型转换 17.1) will be 2) won’t be 3) Will use 4) will 5) Will be 四、完成句子 18.1) does think of 2) try our best 3) dressed up took place 4) one of the main reasons 5) shows love for 五、完形填空 19.1)C 2)D 3)B 4)A 5)D 6)A 7)D 8)C 9)A 10)C 20.1)C 2)A 3)B 4)D 5)A 6)C 7)C 8)B 9)D 10)A 六、用所给的词正确形式填空 21.1)2)worse 3)4)Certainly 5)
【小题5】to solve 七、阅读理解 22.1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F 23.1.C 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.A 八、书面表达 24.Sun Wen is one of my food friends. He had a problem once. He dreamed of being a basketball player. He played basketball after school every day. But his parents wanted him to be a pianist. They asked him to take piano lessons and join in different kinds of competitions. He didn’t like them. I told Sun Wen to have a talk with his parents and tell them about his dream. I also asked him to spend enough time on his studies. In the end, his parents agreed to let him play basketball. I was very happy to help my friend solve his problem. 小学考初中试题。
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