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2013高考英语真题特色题型详细解析―阅读七选五(六选五)[精品文档] 五选五阅读初中试题

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一、(2013课标卷I) Business is the organized approach to providing customers with the goods and services they want. The word business also refers to an organization that provides these goods and services. Most businesses seek to make a profit(利润)— that is, they aim to achieve income that is more than the costs of operating the business. 71 Commonly called nonprofits, these organizations are primarily nongovernmental service providers. 72 Business management is a term used to describe the techniques of planning, direction, and control of the operations of a business. 73 One is the establishment(制定) of broad basic policies with respect to production; sales; the purchase of equipment, materials and supplies; and accounting. 74 The third relates to the establishment of standards of work in all departments. Direction is concerned primarily with supervision(监管)and guidance by the management in authority. 75 A. Control includes the use of records and reports to compare actual work with the set standards for work. B. In this connection there is the difference between top management and operative management. C. Examples of nonprofit business include such organizations as social service agencies and may hospitals. D. However, some businesses only seek to earn enough to cover their operating costs. E. The second aspect relates to the application of these policies by departments. F. In the theory of business management, organization has two main aspects. G. Planning in business management has three main aspects. 二、(2013课标卷II) Public Speaking Training ·Get a coach 51 , so get help. Since there are about a billion companies out there all ready to offer you public speaking training and courses, here are some things to look for when deciding the training that's right for you. ·Focus on positives Any training you do to become more effective at public speaking should always focus on the positive aspects of what you already do well. Nothing can hurt confidence more than being told that you aren't doing well. 52 , so good public speaking training should develop those instead of telling you what you shouldn't do. 53 If you find a public speaking course that looks as though it's going to give you lots of dos and don'ts, walk away。 Your brain is so full of what you're going to be talking about. 54 . As far as we're concerned, there are basically no hard and fast rules about public speaking. Your audience can be your friends. You are a special person not a importantly, good public speaking training should treat you as a special one, with your own personal habits. 55 . Your training course should help you bring out your personality, not try to turn you into someone you're not. A. You aren't like anybody else B. You already do lots of things well C. Turn your back on too many rules D. Check the rules about dos and don'ts E. Whatever the presentation, public speaking is tough F .The one thing you don't want is for them to fall asleep G. So trying to force a whole set of rules into it will just make things worse 三、(2013北京卷) Urbanization Until relatively recently, the vast majority of human beings lived and died without ever seeing a city. The first city was probably founded no more than 5,500 years ago. 71_ . In fact, nearly everyone lived on farms or in tiny rural (乡村的) villages. It was not until the 20th century that Great Britain became the first urban society in history--- a society in which the majority of people live in cities and do not farm for a living. Britain was only the beginning. 72_ .The process of urbanization--- the migration (迁移) of people from the countryside to the city--- was the result of modernization, which has rapidly transformed how people live and where they live. In 1990, fewer than 40% of Americans lived in urban areas. Today, over 82% of Americans live in cities. Only about 2% live on farms. 73 . Large cities were impossible until agriculture became industrialized. Even in advanced agricultural societies. It took about ninety-five people on farms to feed five people in cities. _74 . Until modern times, those living in cities were mainly the ruling elite(精英) and the servants, laborers and professionals who served them. Cities survived by taxing farmers and were limited in size by the amount of surplus food that the rural population produced and by the ability to move this surplus from farm to city. Over the past two centuries, the Industrial Revolution has broken this balance between the city and the country. 75_ . Today, instead of needing ninety-five farmers to feed five city people, one American farmer is able to feed more than a hundred non-farmers. A. That kept cities very small. B. The rest live in small towns. C. The effects of urban living on people should be considered. D. Soon many other industrial nations become urban societies. E. But even 200 years ago, only a few people could live in cities. F. Modernization drew people to the cities and made farmers more productive. G. Modern cities have destroyed social relations and the health of human beings. 四、(2013辽宁卷) Forgiveness To forgive is a virtue, but no one has ever said it is easy. When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be extremely difficult to let go of your hate. However, forgiveness is possible, and it can be surprisingly beneficial to your physical and mental health. People who forgive show less sadness, anger and stress and more hopefulness, according to a recent research. ________71_______ Try the following steps: Calm yourself. ________72_______ You can take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: a beautiful scene in nature, or someone you love. Don’t wait for an apology. Many times the person who hurt you does not intend to apologize. They may have wanted to hurt you or they just don’t see things the same way. ________73_______ Keep in mind that forgiveness does not necessarily mean becoming friends again with the person who upset you. Take the control away from your offender(冒犯者). Rethinking about you hurt gives power to the person who causes you pain. Instead of focusing on your mounded feelings, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you. ________74_______ If you understand your offender, you may realize that he or she was acting out of unawareness, fear, and even love. You may want to write a letter to yourself from your offender’s point of view. Don’t forget to forgive yourself. ________75_______ But it can rob you of your self-confidence if you don’t do it. A. Why should you forgive? B. How should you start to forgive? C. Recognize the benefits of forgiveness. D. Try to see things from you offender’s angle. E. For some people, forgiving themselves is the biggest challenge. F. To make your anger die away, try a simple stress-management technique. G..If you wait for people to apologize, you could be waiting an awfully long time. 答案 一 本文是一篇讨论商务和商务管理的说明文。虽然看似有很多专业术语,但是根据我们常说的“指路词”,以及对上下文的推理,其实要做出正确答案并不难,可谓是难度中等。 文章第一段描述了business的两个含义:一是提供顾客所要商品和服务的方法;二是提供这些商品和服务的组织。文展第二段则细述了商务管理是用来描述计划、指导以及控制公司运作技巧的术语,并在下文中对这三方面进行了一一阐述。 71.
【答案】 D
本题的后一句出现了一个新名词nonprofits(非盈利),而前文的内容是在说大多数企业都在寻求利润,那这里语义的突然变化就提示了我们空格处所填内容应该与seek to make a profit(寻求利益)语义相反,而与nonprofit相同,因为只有这样才能自然的引出下文。纵观选项,只有答案D出现了however,表示语义的转折,所以正确答案为D。
【解析】推理判断题。根据文意,前文提到的these organizations are primarily nongovernmental service providers中的these organizations实指non profits organizations,所以此处72题的内容应该是对nongovernmental service providers(非政府服务提供商)的进一步解释。
纵观选项,只有答案C是在举例子,而且也出现了关键词nonprofit,所以正确答案为C。 73.
【解析】推理判断题。这道题的解题方法就是我们说的充分利用“指路词”。下文中出现了One is...,The third relates...,可见本空是个总起句,概括了什么东西包含有三个方面。纵观选项,只有答案G出现了three,且主语planning正好复现了第二段首句出现的techniques of planning,所以正确答案为G。
【解析】推理判断题。还是依靠“指路词”,文中出现过了第一和第三,所以本空肯定描述的是第二方面。纵观选项,只有答案E出现了the second,所以答案为E。 75.
【解析】推理判断题。观察第二段可知,商务管理中涉及的techniques of planning, direction均已经提到,只差最后一个control(控制)还未提及,所以本空一定和control有关。
二 该类题型考查段落衔接和整段理解。本篇为说明文。文章讲述了进行公共演讲的训练要点。
纵览全文,F选项与文意无关,可以先行去除,将难度降低为从六个选项中选择五个。 51.
【答案】E. Whatever the presentation, public speaking is tough
【解析】根据下一句ready to offer you public speaking training and courses可知,开头说的是与public speaking 有关的问题,故选E。 52.
【答案】B. You already do lots of things well
【解析】本题位于段中,通过上下文得出选项。后一句so good public speaking training should develop those与空格形成因果关系,所以空格中应表达“你已经做得很好了”的含义,所以B选项是正确答案。 53.
【答案】C. Turn your back on too many rules
【解析】本题位于段首,为整段的主旨大意。本段第一句中提到lots of dos and don’ts, walk away。
可知,如果有的培训讲太多的条条框框的话,要对条条框框说不,所以C选项是正确答案。 54.
【答案】G. So trying to force a whole set of rules into it will just make things worse
【解析】从前句Your brain is so full of what you're going to be talking about, 可知后一空与前一空形成因果关系,脑子里装满了条条框框只会使情况变得更糟。 55.
【答案】A. You aren’t like anybody else
【解析】小标题为·You are a special person not a clone以及treat you as a special one, with your own personal habits可以得出答案You aren't like anybody else(与众不同)。 三 71.
【解析】此题有一个明确暗示点,为D选项当中的other和上句的Only the beginning. Other 是明显承上启下的功能,后面的the process of证明了这一点,故选D 73.
【解析】此题有一个明确的暗示点。The rest 和之前的3个数据是明显的并列关系,故答案选B。 74.
【解析】此题A选项中有一个明确暗示点,That指代之前所说,故选A。 75.
【解析】此题有一个明确暗示点,modernization 是前后文当中past two centuries 和后面today 的明确对应,故选F。
四 本篇为说明文。文章对宽恕及其如何宽恕别人以及宽恕别人的益处给予了说明。
宽恕是美德,但是没有人说很容易做到宽恕别人。当你被深深伤害的时候,想要不怀恨在心是很难做到的。但是宽恕是可能的——而且这会给你的身心健康带来出乎意料的益处。 71.
【解析】根据下文“尝试下列步骤:你首先要冷静下来, ______72_______摒住呼吸并且想一些能够让你快乐的事情:大自然的美丽景色、或者你喜爱的人等等,都可以”说明:怎样做才会开始原谅(别人)。 72.
【解析】根据下文“摒住呼吸并且想一些能够让你快乐的事情”应该选F(尝试一种简单的减压技巧来缓解你愤怒的情绪。) 五选五阅读初中试题。
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