初中英语北京课改版《九年级全册》《Unit 5 The Forbidden City》精选练习试题【 五选五阅读初中试题_教学资源|题库|学习文库-「普洱教育」

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初中英语北京课改版《九年级全册》《Unit 5 The Forbidden City》精选练习试题【 五选五阅读初中试题

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初中英语北京课改版《九年级全册》《Unit 5 The Forbidden City》精选练习试题【28】(含答案考点及解析) 班级:___________ 姓名:___________ 分数:___________ of the underlined parts has a different pronunciation? A.dessert 【答案】D 【考点】初中英语知识点》听说》语音 【解析】dessert /dɪ'zɜ:t/ worker/'wɜ:kə(r)/ stranger /'streindʒə/ serve /sɜː(r)v/ ,故选D.发短音。 考点:考查字母组合发音 B.serve C.worker D.stranger are __________ people shopping in the new supermarket, because it is on sale. A.four hundreds C.hundred of
【解析】 试题分析:句意:有成百上千人在新超市里买购物,因为这家超市在降价打折。hundred与具体数字连用时,习惯上用单数,而且也不后接介词of,如四百只能用“four hundred”来表示。当hundred不与具体数字连用,而是表示不确定的泛指数时,则不仅要用复数,而且要后接介词of,如成百上千只能用“hundreds of”。
考点:考查数词的用法。 B.four hundred of D.hundreds of 3.阅读下列短文,用方框内所给单词的正确形式填空。(每词限用一次。每小题1分,共10分) ill cry which much with live us find when help I love my family members.I have four
【小题1】 grandparents and my great-grandparent is still all that changed at the beginning of that time, my grandfather was
【小题2】 to have cancer that made our family very did everything we could
【小题3】 him enjoy a comfortable stay at the hospital. He died on the day of December 5, 2013 though he tried to fight against the
【小题4】.I felt very sad.I ran out into the cold air and
【小题5】 with tears. One day a year later, we were having dinner
【小题6】 we began to discuss how to help make the lives of people who have cancer
【小题7】 enjoyable.I came up with the idea of selling our honey from our California’s hives(蜂箱).I called it “Hives for Lives”.We started our business
【小题8】 the worked hard and we did everything all by
【小题9】.Finally, we succeeded. thHaving experienced the sadness and happiness, I learned many things
【小题10】encouraged me to do well to help those around can do it if we try.
【小题3】to help
【解析】 试题分析:作者有幸福的家庭,但是祖父患癌症后病死使全家伤心难过。


【小题2】found句意:那时发现了我的祖父患癌症了,使得我们全家伤心。查出患癌症,可以推测出本空选find,主语my grandfather是谓语动词find的承受者,用被动语态,动词用过去分词,故填:found。
【小题3】to help句意:我们尽力帮助他在医院里感到舒适。根据句意可以推测出本空选help。We did everything是句子的主干:主+谓+宾,we could是宾语everything的定语从句。我们做一切的目的是帮助他,用不定式作定语,故填:to help。

【小题5】cried句意:我跑到外面的冷风中,流泪痛哭。由with tears带着泪水,可以推测出本空选cry,描述过去的经历,用一般过去时态,故填:cried。

【小题7】more句意:一年后的一天,我们吃晚饭时,开始讨论怎样帮助使患癌症的人们感到快乐。比当时的情况更快乐,用比较级形式,enjoyable的比较级:more enjoyable。故选much并用其比较级more。
【小题8】with 句意:我们开始了蜂的业务。
the business with…与……相关的业务,故选填介词with。
【小题9】ourselves 句意:我们努力工作并且亲自做一切。

【小题10】which 句意:我学会了许多鼓舞我做好帮助身边的人们的东西.I learned many things是主干部分,后面跟的是things的定语从句,先行词things指事物,关系词用that, which,故选填:which。
【考点定位】 考查社会生活类短文阅读。 4.根据图片的内容,以“Stops Him”,为题,用英语写一篇文,向某英语报社投稿。求如下:(1)简单描述图中发生的事件; (2)简单分析妈妈的行为对孩子可能产生的不良影响; (3)指出老人若不被扶起可能出现的后果: (4)倡议人们彼此信任、互相帮助。
词数:80-100标题和开头已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:lift….up扶起 knock…..down撞倒 trust信任 Mother Stops Him Here is a picture from a news report,In the picture ,we can see three old woman is lying on the ground. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
【答案】 Mother Stops Him Here is a picture from a news report. In the picture,we can see three people. An old woman is lying on the ground. A boy is going to lift her up, but his mother stops him at once. Don t do that。
Others may think it’ s you who have knocked her down she says. In my opinion, the mother’ s behavior is not right. A mother should encourage her child to give others a can a chlild become warm – hearted if he is educated in such a way? And the old woman might feel worse or e-ven be hit by the trafic unless we mo,re her away in time. 五选五阅读初中试题。
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