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2018年中考英语真题分类汇编题型1单项选择专项训练五介词含解析 五选五阅读初中试题

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专项训练五 介 词 时间:0.5~1分钟/小题 分值:1分/小题 命题点一 时间介词 ( )1. (2018南京)Yingqi Bird Nest Library, the smallest library in the world, was opened to the public in Nanjing's Huashu Village ________ the World Reading Day this year. A. on B. in C. at D. as ( )2. (2018哈尔滨)Don't stay inside ________ such a sunny morning. Let's go out to enjoy the gentle wind and the sweet flowers. A. on B. in C. from ( )3. (2018沈阳)The group had to wait ________ after 12 to check in at the hotel. A. from B. until C. for D. at ( )4. (2018株洲)Her birthday is ________ winter, the most beautiful season in a year. A. in B. at C. on ( )5. (2018大连)Disney opened a park in Shanghai ________ 16th June, 2018. A. in B. on C. at D. of ( )6. (2018雅安)I have been in China ________ 1997. A. since B. for C. in D. until ( )7. (2018永州)Look out。 Look at the traffic lights ________ crossing the road. A. before B. after C. since ( )8. (2018重庆A卷)Our reading club share ideas with each other________ one hour every Tuesday. A. to B. on C. at D. for ( )9. (2018东营)Stephen Hawking got more than 380,000 followers in two hours ________ he put his first message on Weibo. A. before B. since C. after D. until ( )10. (2018呼和浩特)I'm looking after Tom today. He's been in my house ________
8:00 this morning. A. at B. since C. for D. till ( )11. (2018黄冈)—Junior high school days will be over ________ a week. How are you feeling? —I'm trying to keep my cool because we've been together ________ three years. A. in; in B. for; in C. in; for D. for; for 命题点二 地点介词 ( )1. (2018北京)Paul's mother is a nurse. She works ________ a hospital. A. with B. on C. of D. in ( )2. (2018重庆B卷)Jim lives ________ a small village and the air there is very fresh. A. on B. in C. under D. from ( )3. (2018桂林)Mr Green is writing ________ the blackboard. A. in B. on C. at ( )4. (2018达州)—Where is Marry flying? —She is flying to France soon. She will arrive ________ Paris ________ the morning of July 2. A. to; on B. at; on C. in; in D. in; on 命题点三 方式介词 ( )1. (2018河北)Class, let's see who can spell the most words________ these letters. A. at B. into C. on D. with ( )2. (2018湘潭)—How do you learn English? —________ listening to tapes. A. By B. With C. For ( )3. (2018广东)Could you please give me a hand? I can't complete the task on time ________ your help. A. without B. under C. with D. for 命题点四 介词固定搭配 ( )1. (2018上海)The local community center is open ________ Monday to Saturday. A. in B. from C. for D. on ( )2. (2018天津)You can buy almost everything ________ the Internet, and it's very easy. A. into B. for C. at D. on ( )3. (2018陕西)It's a good idea to send the old books ________ the children who need them. A. at B. of C. to D. by ( )4. (2018苏州)A good student connects what he reads ________ what he sees around him. A. for B. with C. in D. on ( )5. (2018扬州)—Hi, guys. Where were we yesterday? —We learned the differences ________ fact and opinion. A. between B. among C. during D. beyond ( )6. (2018攀枝花)My English teacher is always strict ________ us. A. in B. at C. with D. about ( )7. (2018济宁)We should be kind to the old and take care________ them in daily life. A. of B. for C. with D. about ( )8. (2018郴州)—The summer vacation is coming. I'm looking forward ________ it. —Me too. A. at B. to C. on ( )9. (2018孝感)Xiaogan is well known ________ the culture of “Xiao”. A. in B. for C. at D. on ( )10. (2018襄阳)—Who is Dave looking ________。
—His mother. She's been in hospital for a few days. A. for B. after C. at D. up 命题点五 其他介词 ( )1. (2018兰州)—Alice, would you like to go hiking with us? —What a pity。
I'm free every day ________ today. A. for B. except C. besides D. among ( )2. (2018绵阳)—What did you get for your birthday, Tony? —An iPad4, ________ my aunt. A. to B. from C. with D. for ( )3. (2018内江)________ all the students, the two boys wrote the article best. A. With B. For C. Of D. From ( )4. (2018滨州)The “teacher­free exam” means that students take their exams ________ teachers. Students must be more honest. A. without B. against C. through D. by ( )5. (2018齐齐哈尔)________ Journey to the West, she has also read Little Women. A. Besides B. But C. Except ( )6. (2018无锡)Although he was________ my opinion, the old professor didn't come up with his own. A. against B. on C. for D. in 命题点六 介词短语 ( )1. (2018 安徽)Many wild animals are________, and it's time for us to do whatever we can to protect them. A. on duty B. on show C. in order D. in danger ( )2. (2018福州)—Sally is my best friend. She is always there whenever I'm________. —Yeah. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A. in order B. in trouble C. in public ( )3. (2018云南)We will spend the coming week together. So ________, let's know each other's names. A. in the end B. all the time C. first of all D. as a result ( )4. (2018南宁)He left school and began work ________ twelve. A. at the age of B. at the beginning of C. at the top of D. at the bottom of ( )5. (2018绥化)Jim sits behind me, so I sit ________ him. A. at the end of B. in front of C. in the middle of ( )6. (2018德州)It's dangerous for you to go out for a walk in the forest ________ at night. A. on business B. by the way C. on your own D. on the top ( )7. (2018鄂州)—Who looked after your sick grandmother in hospital? —My father did that ________. He didn't want anybody else's help. A. in fact B. in person C. in total D. in disagreement 专项训练五 介词命题点一 时间介词 1. A
具体到某一天用介词on。故选A。 2. A
句意:在如此晴朗的早晨不要待在室内,让我们一起出去享受和风和香甜的花吧。由a sunny morning是具体某一天的早晨可选A。 3. B
根据句意可知此处考查“直到……”,故选B。 4. A
in 用于表示季节、年份、月份等名词前;at用于具体的时间点;on用于具体的某一天。
故选A。5. B
6. A
从“I have been in China”可知,本句用的是现在完成时,而since是现在完成时的标志词。故选A。
7. A
结合常识可知过马路之前先要看交通灯。故选A。 8. D
句意:我们阅读俱乐部每周二花一个小时分享彼此的想法。to 到……;on 后接具体的某一天;at 后接具体的时间点;for 后接时间段,表示一段时间。one hour是一段时间,应该用介词for,故选D。 9. C
句意:史蒂芬·霍金在微博上发布第一条消息,在两个小时内就有380000多个粉丝。根据后半句“in two hours”及语境可知是在霍金发送微博之后。
此处after是连词,连接两个句子。故选C。 10. B
故选B。 11. C
你感觉怎么样。”“我正试图保持冷静,因为我们在一起三年了。”根据will be over可知第一处表示将来时,in+一段时间可表示将来时;第二空表示持续一段时间,用介词for。
故选C。 命题点二地点介词 1. D
“in a hospital在医院上班”,固定搭配。故选D。
2. B
【解析】考查介词表示地点的用法。句意:吉姆住在一个小山村,那里的空气非常清新。分析语境可知本句中介词表示在一个空间范围内,故用in,且live in为固定搭配。
故选B。 3. B
此处指在黑板上面写字。故选B。 4. D
句意“Marry要飞到哪里去。”“她不久将飞到法国,她将会在7月2号早上到达巴黎。”arrive in后接的是大地方,如城市等;而arrive at后接小地方,如某个社区、乡镇等,则第一空排除A、B选项;第二空主要考查的是固定搭配,on the morning of+日期,意为“在……的早上”。故选D。 命题点三方式介词 1. D
分析句意可知,此处指用字母拼单词,故选D。 2. A
3. A
命题点四介词固定搭配 1. B
【解析】考查介词固定搭配。句意:这个当地的社区中心星期一到星期六开放。from...to...“从…… 到……”,故选B。 2. D
【解析】考查介词固定搭配。句意:你几乎可以在网上买到所有的东西,并且非常容易。on the Internet“在网上”,固定搭配,故选D。 3. C
【解析】 考查介词固定搭配。
句意:把旧书送给那些需要的孩子是一个不错的主意。send sth. to sb.“把某物送给某人”,故选C。
4. B
故选B。 5. A
6. C
be strict with sb.“对某人严格要求”;be strict in sth.“在某方面或某事上要求严格”。根据后面“us”可知选C。
7. A
【解析】考查介词固定搭配。句意:我们应该在日常生活中善待老年人并且好好照顾他们。take care of “照料,照顾”,故选A。 8. B
”look forward to是固定短语,意为“期待;期盼;盼望”。故选B。 9. B
短语be known for/as...,as后一般强调“以某种身份”而出名,for后一般强调“以某种原因”出名,故选B。 10. B
她已经住院几天了。”look for寻找;look after照看,照顾;look at看;look up向上看,查阅。联系下文答语可知此处指戴夫正在医院照顾妈妈。故选B。 命题点五其他介词 1. B
句意“爱丽丝,你愿意和我们一起去远足吗。”“太遗憾了。今天,我每天都有空。”根据What a pity可推知,此处表示:除了今天,每天都有空。besides除……之外(包括在内);except除……之外(不包括在内)。
故选B。 2. B
”根据语境可知,托尼的礼物“来自”他的姑姑,故选B。 3. C
【解析】考查介词词义辨析。句意:在所有的学生中,这两个男孩文章写得最好。of all+名词复数,意为“在……之中”,常用于比较等级中。
故选C。 4. A
故选A。 5. A
【解析】考查介词词义辨析。句意:《西游记》,她还读过《小妇人》。根据also可知《西游记》包括在内,故选A。 6. A
against (one's opinion)反对(某人意见);on (one's opinion)一般无此用法,可排除;for (one's opinion)赞成(某人意见);in (one's opinion)依(某人看来)。由题意可推测,这位教授反对我的意见,但没有提出自己的建议。
故选A。 命题点六介词短语 1. D
on duty值日;on show展览中;in order井然有序;in danger处在危险中。
分析:野生动物处在危险中才会需要我们去保护。故选D。 2. B
无论何时我她总是在那里。”“是的,患难见真情。” in order井然有序;in trouble处于困境中;in public在公共场合。根据答语可知应选B。
3. C
因此,让我们知道彼此的名字。in the end最后;all the time一直,总是;first of all首先,第一;as a result结果。
根据语境可知选C。 4. A
【解析】考查介词短语辨析。句意:他12就离校开始工作。at the age of 在……岁时;at the beginning of 在……开始;at the top of 在……顶部;at the bottom of 在……底部。分析句意可知:他12岁时就开 始工作,故选A。 5. B
【解析】考查介词短语辨析。句意:吉姆坐在我的后面,因此我坐在他的。at the end of在……最后; in front of在……前面; in the middle of在……中间。根据语境可知我坐在吉姆前面,故选B。
6. C
【解析】考查介词短语辨析。句意:对于你来说晚上外出在森林里散步是危险的。on business做生意;by the way顺便说一下;on your own独自;on the top在顶端。
7. B
” in fact实际上;in person亲自;in total总共;in disagreement不同意。根据后句可知是“亲自”。故选B。 五选五阅读初中试题。
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