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中考阅读五选五 五选五阅读初中试题

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一 A new pet shop called Turtle Dove opened on First Street. It sold two kinds of animals. 56 , Bill and Bob. They moved here from the northern California, where they owned an ant farm store. That store was so successful that they sold it after four years and got a lot of money. They took it easy for a few years. Traveling through the state. “We visited almost every zoo in the country, 57 , and partly because we were looking for support for our next business,” said Bill. They finally decided on turtles and doves(白鸽). “They‟re easy to feed and care for, 58 .” said Bob. The store will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. “We think those are hours that our customers will find very convenient. What‟s more, the three days off gives us a chance to go into the woods and find more little animals. 59 , we always try to collect them from the wild. That way our customers can save more money. Of course, by removing these animals from the nature, we protect them from being eaten by their nature enemies. So our customers are happy, our animals are happy, 60 . It‟s a win-win for all of us.” A. and we‟re happy B. We never buy our animals C. The owners are two brothers D. partly because we love animals E. and both animals live a long time [来源:学,科,网] 二 Kevin Pearce, snowboard athlete (运动员), has come a long way since his accident on December 31, 2009. ______ (56), when he fell and hurt his head. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet (头盔). ______ (57). He stayed in hospital for four months. He still can‟t remember several weeks of his life after the accident. Today, Pearce is still working hard to get his health back to 100%. ______ (58). A year ago, he couldn‟t walk straight. Now, he can not only walk, but he can also drive again. Pearce says he must thank his fans, his friends and especially his family. His parents and elder brothers have been by his side since the accident. ______ (59). He said he couldn‟t have got well so quickly without them. These days, Pearce is back on the snowboarding circuit (巡回比赛). ______ (60). He is on the road again and it is a new beginning for him. A. So far, he has made a lot of progress B. His brother, Adam, left his job to care for him full-time C. But his head was badly hurt and he couldn‟t see or move D. On that day, Pearce was training for the 2010 Winter Olympics E. Instead of competing for medals, he‟s giving opinions on athletes 三 Doctors in Germany have warned people that head banging could be bad for your health. ______ (56). Dancers shake their heads from back to front, and from side to side, very quickly. Doctors say this could injure (伤害) the brain. ______ (57). The man had no history of head injuries but had been headbanging for many years. He began to have bad headaches after going to a heavy metal concert. ______ (58). They gave him a brain scan (扫描) and found bleeding in his brain. He needed an operation to repair it. Doctors made a hole in his brain to take out some blood. ______ (59). Doctors say the risk of injury to the brain from headbanging is low and heavy metal fans do not need to stop doing the dance completely. The head doctor, Ariyan Pirayesh, said: “We are not against headbanging. Rock „n‟ roll will never die. ______ (60). We just think if our patient had gone to a classical (古典的) concert, this would not have happened.” A. B. C. D. E. Heavy metal fans should rock on Two months later, his headaches disappeared Doctors thought that might lead to his headaches They recently treated a 50-year-old heavy metal fan Headbanging is a dance that fans of heavy metal music like 四 The Same But Different Maggie and Sarah are twin sisters. They were born just a few minutes apart, and they look exactly alike. They both have blonde hair and green eyes. ______ (56). Sometimes other students at school have a hard time telling them apart. Maggie and Sarah like going to the same school. This is because they are not just twin sisters, but best friends too. They have a lot in common. ______ (57). Both girls spend a lot of time together with their family, and they both like to play with their dog, Callie. ______ (58). Maggie likes to play sports. She is on a soccer team and a basketball team. Sarah doesn‟t really like sports. She likes to dance. There are other differences between them too. ______ (59). Maggie likes to read mystery books, but Sarah likes to read books about animals. Maggie gets better grades in reading and Spanish, but Sarah gets better grades in math and science. Everyone is different in her or his own way. Maggie and Sarah like being different from each other as much as they like being similar. ______ (60). A. That is what makes them special B. They are around the same height as well C. But Maggie and Sarah are also very different D. Maggie likes the color red, but Sarah likes the color green E. Both girls enjoy a lot of the same television shows, books, and food 五 Following Their Dreams Florence lived in the countryside of Kenya (肯尼亚) in Africa. When she was 12, she wanted nothing more than to finish school. But for many girls like her, school is not a choice. ______ (56). Families will probably spend money educating boys. Many girls are forced to marry. ______ (57). It was Beads for Education, started by Lisa Stevens, that helped realize her dream. Beads has provided many girls with the best education possible. Florence was the first of 320 Kenyan girls in third grade. ______ (58). During her visit, she heard that many women made and sold baskets. They used the money to send their daughters to school. Two years later, she started to help sell the Kenyan crafts (工艺品) in the U.S. In 1998, Stevens began helping girls continue their education. ______ (59). In January, 2015, she opened the fourth one. “I want to provide the girls with the best education possible and prepare them for college and beyond.” Stevens said. The new high school is named Tembea, which means “to walk”. Florence is walking toward a bright future. ______ (60).“Florence is the first in her family to finish high school and college.” says Stevens. “She is an example for all girls in Kenyan.” A. School costs money B. In 1991 Stevens first visited Kenya C. After that, she helped build three schools D. She left college in 2010 and is now a teacher E. But Florence was able to continue her schooling 六 High school life can be terrible if you get it all wrong. Find out how to survive high school with a few easy tips. ◆56. ________. High school is a fun time to make new friends and meet new people. Make friends with all kinds of people and not just a group which you are comfortable with. Socialize, but by judging who you can connect to. You will find friends, but stay away from the ones who don‟t want to be your friends. ◆Be yourself. Do your own things, and don‟t just follow others. 57. ________. Just be yourself and create a strong self-image. ◆Be positive (积极的). There is nothing better than having a smile on your face whenever you can. 58. ________. Just be brave enough to meet new people or do something you‟ve never tried. Meanwhile, respect your teachers and classmates and try to be helpful if you want the same in return. ◆Be confident. When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. 59. ________. And people respect you for that. Make sure you won‟t easily get influenced by others. ◆Love high school. 60. ________. Make the most out of it, and you will never get those moments back. Come up with funny ideas, top your class, make the best friends, drink, go to parties, but just make as many memories as you can。 A. Fall in love with it B. Find friends around you C. Practice positive thinking D. Don‟t give in to anyone‟s wants E. Confidence is a special gift in your life 七 Just in time。 “Come on,Sasha,”my father shouted. “Put the book down and get your clarinet(竖笛).We have to leave now if you don‟t want to miss class.” Clarinet class? I thought to myself. 56 . Yes, I would like to miss class. “Coming。” 57 . I got out of the bed and picked up my clarinet and rushed to the car. My dad started the engine and we drove off. “Hope you have a wonderful class,” Dad said. “In my dreams,” I spoke very quietly. “Not again.” Dad said angrily. I looked out of the window. 58 “Car traffic, ” I said under my breath with a big smile. This is my lucky day because I am going to miss class. While we were waiting for the cars to start driving again. I was sitting in my car seat,singing a song. 59 .What‟s important is that I was going to miss 。
“10 minutes passed, ” I said excitedly. My dad looked at me angrily. The car started to move. “Finally,” my dad took a deep breath. We got there and I had only missed a few minutes of class. 60 . “Just in time, Sasha. I was thinking you might be getting worried that you were going to miss class, ” my teacher made a joke on me—knowing well that I hated Clarinet class。 A. Unhappily, I went into the classroom B. Oh, right, I had clarinet class C. Anyway, that‟s not important D. I shouted at the top of my voice E. I saw what was happening outside 八 Being Different Is Great。 Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress and model. She is well-known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, one of the most popular American TV series right now. ______ (60). She told her parents honestly that she would make efforts to achieve such a career (职业). After her hard work, she landed a leading role in Pretty Little Liars in 2010, which made her popular. ______ (61). Even though Shay had found some success as a teen model, her self-confidence was low because she looked different from everybody else. “I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood,” Shay explains. “Most of my schoolmates had white skins with fair hair and blue eyes. So, in my high school, I was unacceptable. ______ (62).” At that time, Shay lost her confidence and felt very sad. It was a few words from her grandmother that helped her find confidence and understand the situation. ______ (63). That‟s what‟s going to set her apart and make her more special。 A. Nobody wanted to play with me B. Everybody wanted to be happy C. However, the life before her big success was not easy D. Even as a young child, Shay was interested in acting E. Her grandmother told her that it was great to be different 九 As a teacher, I spent a lot of time creating a good classroom environment. After all, even with great lessons and curriculum, it doesn‟t work well if the students in your classroom can‟t focus (集中) and don‟t feel valued. Here are a few tips to create the best classroom environment. First, let‟s talk about desk arrangement. ______ (60). Personally, I either used group seating or in a u-shape where everyone faced the teacher. I found that these desk arrangements helped students work together and feel included in the discussion. This way there weren‟t any students far away. I also made sure to have plenty of space so I could walk around and easily help all of my student. ______ (61). I hate having piles of paper and school supplies everywhere, which makes it hard for me to relax at home. The same goes for the classroom. The best way to organize is to have plenty of baskets and organizational units. Having baskets for kids to turn in their work gives them direction. ______ (62). Having student work posted helps kids feel valued. I often changed my notice boards to keep things interesting. I also put up posters and poems to help students with their work. One thing I like is putting up a clothes pin and giving kids the chance to choose what work to show. ______ (63). Each teacher has to learn about their students and developmental levels. However, these tips are a great place to start. A. Another good idea is to be organized B. There isn‟t one perfect classroom environment C. I always spent a lot of time arranging the desks D. Sometimes, students enjoy reading in the library E. Finally, show student work on notice boards 十 Tommy had always liked going to the zoo. ______ (60). He decided to go to an animal shelter (收容所) near his house. As he arrived, he was surprised, because he heard lions even from the parking lot. The shelter was clean and the volunteers working there were very helpful. ______ (61). Zoos had beautiful homes set up for each animal, but you could not get near the animals at all. At this shelter, he was close enough to reach out and touch some animals, even they were in cages (笼子). There weren‟t so many people, either, so it seemed like a more personal experience. The best part about the place was the stories. ______ (62). These were hard luck stories with happy ending. Someone at this shelter had stepped up to take care of the animals, and now Tommy could enjoy meeting them and learn from them. ______ (63). All the visitors thanked the volunteers and made a donation (捐赠) when it was finally time to go. It made them feel good to be helping out any way they could. A. Shelters always need money and help B. But today, he wanted to go somewhere different C. Tommy found that the shelter is different from a zoo D. His classmates will visit the animal shelter next week E. Each animal had a story posted up on the side of their cage 十一 A Frenchman went to a small Italian town and was staying with his wife at the best hotel there. One night, he went out for a walk alone. It was late. ______ (60). Suddenly he felt someone behind him. He turned his head and saw an Italian young man who quickly walked past him. The man was nearly out of sight when the Frenchman suddenly found that his watch was gone. He thought that it must be the Italian who had taken his watch. ______ (61) because he wanted to get the watch back. Soon the Frenchman caught up with the Italian. Neither of them understood the other‟s language. The Frenchman shook his fist (拳头) in the Italian‟s face and pointed at the watch. ______ (62). In the end he gave up his watch to the Frenchman. When he returned to the hotel, the Frenchman told his wife what had happened. He was greatly surprised when his wife pointed to the watch on the table. Now he realized that by mistake he had robbed (抢劫) the Italian. ______ (63). A. The Italian was afraid. B. It was the Italian‟s watch. C. He decided to follow him. D. The Frenchman got excited. E. The street was dark and quiet. 十二 Peter lost his friend's book. He felt very sad. Kate broke her mom's favorite cup. __60__. She was so sorry for her mistake. We all make mistakes because we're human. And it's not always easy to get on well with everyone all the time. Sometimes we hurt people's feelings although we don't do it on purpose. Sometimes we hurt people's feelings although we don't do it on purpose, __61__. So we apologize(道歉). An apology tells someone that we're sorry for our mistakes. It's a way to show that we'll try to do better in future. Apologies are one of the tools to build good friendships and relationships. When you say "I'm sorry", you probably feel bad because what you did or said hurt another person. __62__, you're also saying that you respect the other person, and care about his or her feelings. Apologizing shows you have empathy (同感). After apologizing, you might feel a little better. __63__. When you apologize in a caring way, you may feel good because you are trying to make things right again. A. Then she cried. B. but we feel bad later. C. When you say "I'm sorry". D. and you want to return his book. E. The other person will probably feel better, too. 十三 Cindy likes parks. ______ (60) She also likes walking down wooded trails (小路) or riding bikes along gravel (碎石) paths. Parks are a lot more fun to exercise in than just walking down the street, because there is so much to see. She has been to many kinds of parks. Some are in mountains, with rivers. Others are in the forest, with paths running under towering trees. ______ (61) There is a lake park near her house. It has a boardwalk trail across a lake. That is the best part. She loves to walk along the brown wood path and stop along the way, looking in the water for frogs and turtles. ______ (62) Autumn is the best time to visit the lake park. With the leaves changing color, it is very beautiful. ______ (63) The flowers and trees along the wooded paths are beautiful. The lake grasses are tall and green, rustling in the wind. It is a good time to visit. A. She likes the trees and grass and nature. B. But Cindy‟s favorite parks are near lakes. C. Her friends never go to the park on weekends. D. Spring is nice, too, because all the butterflies are out. E. The water is deeper near them; sometimes she can see the fish. 十四 Mark was going home after school one day. He saw a boy in front of him fall down, and there were many things on the ground — two sweaters, a basketball and a walkman. Mark stopped and helped the boy pick up those things and smiled to him. Since they were going the same way, ______ (60). When they walked, Mark knew the boy‟s name was Bill, and he loved computer games, basketball and history. But he was not good at his other subjects, and he had broken up with his girlfriend last week. They arrived at Bill‟s home and Bill gave Mark some Coke. ______ (61), and the afternoon passed happily with a few laughs and some small talks. Then Mark went home. They often saw each other at school and they had lunch together. When they finished middle school, ______ (62). One day, Bill asked Mark to have a talk. Bill asked Mark if he still remembered the first time they met. “Did you ever think why I was carrying so many things that day?” asked Bill. “I decided to go home to kill myself. But when you smiled to me and helped me pick up those books, especially after we spent some time together talking and laughing that afternoon, ______ (63). You saved me.” A. I gave up that idea B. Then they watched TV C. But they‟re good friends D. they went to the same college E. he helped to carry some of the things 十五 Time to Dance Are you the kind of person who likes to move with music? It‟s a natural thing to do. Even little children start jumping up and down when they hear music. Scientists say that animals dance, too_____60______ . The “dances” of animals send messages to other animals. But when people dance, they express feelings about life and love, or about these very human experiences. Dances are good for you in many ways. For one thing, dancing is good for you physically. It makes your heart work and makes you breathe fast. _____61______. If you go dancing often, you can keep physically fit. You may feel very tired after dancing, but you‟ll probably also feel relaxed and happy. This is another important point about dancing. It gives you a chance to express your feelings and feel better about yourself_____62______, dancing helps those feelings go away. _____63______ Some dances are for couples and some are for groups. But all kinds of dances give you a chance to meet new people or to do something enjoyable with friends. A. But their dancing is different B. And finally, it‟s a social activity C. If people like dancing very much D. If you are angry or upset about something E. It also makes you use your arms and your legs 十六 It is learnt from the experiences that kids get much more than just keeping fit when they play sports. Many people think that sports will waste time, and kids will not concentrate on their studies. _______ (60) Exercise improves memory, learning and concentration, which can give active kids an advantage in classrooms. Children who play sports learn more about team work. They start learning the importance of working together, ______ (61), and how much one should struggle(努力)to reach the goal. Playing sports builds confidence and a positive attitude within kids. ______ (62), and help them to be more social. This practice makes them mentally and physically strong, which keeps their mind healthy. Martial arts (武术)can teach kids patience. ______ (63),and it makes them stronger mentally. A. Children also learn from sports how to set a goal in life. B. However, kids who play sports do better in school. C. Swimming can make their shoulders very strong. D. Children who play sports usually waste their time. E. Besides, sports help kids to make new friends. 十七 The professor always tried so hard. He had tons of brilliant ideas—but they never worked. Time after time, he would dream up an amazing idea that was sure to change the world—and then it didn‟t. ______ (60). “A time machine。
” he shouted. The professor‟s dream wasn‟t just any old time machine. ______ (61). But his wife wasn‟t so sure about the professor‟s great idea. “It‟ll never work. You can‟t make time,” she doubted. The professor disagreed. “______ (62) If you can make money and save money, why can‟t you do the same with time?” In his workshop, the professor drew lots of plans for his new time machine. He soon lost track(轨道) of time. He created model clocks of every shape and size, ______ (63). Finally, he made an amazing discovery—a way to save time and give him lots of extra(额外) time. “I‟ve got it。” he cried. “If I give up my time machine project,I‟ll have plenty of time for other things。
” A. Time is money. B. His invention would allow people to create time. C. He tried every way he could think of. D. The professor‟s idea became famous. E. One day, an idea hit him suddenly. 五选五阅读初中试题。
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