最新冀教版八年级英语上册Unit5单元测试题及答案-精编试题 冀教版英语初中试题及答案_教学资源|题库|学习文库-「普洱教育」

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最新冀教版八年级英语上册Unit5单元测试题及答案-精编试题 冀教版英语初中试题及答案

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冀教八年级上学期Unit5试题 Class: Name: Marks: (满分100分) 一. 单项选择 (15分) ( ) 1. — What do you want to be in the future, Jack? — I want to be a(n) like Yuan Longping. A. teacher B. scientist C. engineer D. pilot ( ) 2. Mrs. Smith is a woman. She can solve lots of problems easily. A. wise B. foolish C. poor D. terrible ( ) 3. Find a way to your difficulties (困难). I believe you can make it. A. copy B. deal C. overcome D. discuss ( ) 4. These live on the small island. They mainly live by fishing. A. artists B. fishermen C. policemen D. managers ( ) 5. I was afraid that they not like my idea. A. need B. will C. would D. must ( ) 6. The doctor gave us some good on how to keep healthy. A. advice B. suggestion C. ambition D. goal ( ) 7. Our English teacher is . There are too many rules in her class. A. patient B. famous C. strict D. lazy ( ) 8. He left an hour early for of missing his train. A. surprise B. fear C. danger D. pleasure ( ) 9. — How tall is your daughter, Mrs. Li? — She is 1.6 metres in . A. high B. height C. long D. length ( )10. The teacher stopped the angry father from his little son. A. punish B. punishes C. punishing D. punished ( )11. Brian’s view is the of mine. He doesn’t agree with me. A. opposite B. same C. creative D. interesting ( )12. No matter the weather is like, she walks ten miles every day. A. when B. where C. how D. what ( )13. Maria in a small village with her grandparents. But now she lives in Beijing with her parents. A. added up B. grew up C. gave up D. got up ( )14. — I think health is important than money. — You’re right. Health comes first. A. very B. much more C. less D. the most ( )15. — ? — I want to be a pilot. I hope to fly in the blue sky. A. Are you going to be a pilot B. What does your father do C. What do you want to be when you grow up D. Why do you want to be a pilot in the future 二. 完形填空 (10分) What’s your dream? What do you want to be when you 16 ? Here are two of my 17 dreams. I 18 my life to be exciting and meaningful. Being a journalist (记者) might be a good 19 for me. I will record impressive (给人印象深刻的) things and send them to 20 , radio stations or TV stations. For example, if some children are too 21 to go to school, I will write reports and 22 people to raise money for them. — Li Xinyi I want to be a soldier 23 I’m older. I think all men should do something to protect (保护) our 24 . And the life in the army will be good for me. I will be trained (训练) to be a better man. I will be 25 of being a soldier. — Lin Hao Would you like to share your dream with us? ( )16. A. grow up B. grow into C. look up D. look for B. friends ( )17. A. friend C. friend’s D. friends’ B. want ( )18. A. agree C. make D. start B. joke ( )19. A. invention C. tool D. choice ( )20. A. museums B. libraries C. newspapers D. storybooks B. nervous ( )21. A. lazy C. poor D. shy B. let ( )22. A. advise C. notice D. wish B. what ( )23. A. when C. why D. where B. animals D. country B. proud ( )24. A. plants C. neighbourhood ( )25. A. afraid C. full D. lucky 三. 阅读理解 (20分) A Like many other young boys, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was a middle school student. My mother advised me to be a teacher like her, but it seemed that I was not interested in it. My father wanted me to be a pianist (钢琴家). However, I couldn’t stand (忍受) spending all of my time in front of a piano. I got my goal after I went to high school. I got a part-time job at the school radio station and I found it was interesting. I loved to discuss school life and my favourite music with my schoolmates on the radio. I kept doing this job during the next six years. When I left the university, I got a full-time job at our local radio station. My career (事业) began. My program (节目) is successful and I have a lot of fans. I enjoy my job and my life now. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。 ( )26. What did the writer’s mother do? A. A teacher. B. A pianist. scientist. ( )27. When did the writer start working at a radio station? A. When he was ten years old. B. When he was a high school student. C. When he studied at university. D. After he left the university. C. A doctor. D. A ( )28. What did the writer talk about on the radio in the beginning? A. School news. B. Famous films. C. School life. D. Famous people. ( )29. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The writer was interested in teaching. B. The writer couldn’t play the piano. C. The writer often interviews stars. D. The writer’s program is very popular now. ( )30. Which is the best title of the passage? A. Never listen to your parents B. Study hard to make your dream come true C. No job is easy to get D. The part-time job helped me find my career B Tommy is from a poor family. His father is a worker and he is often ill. Tommy hopes to be an artist, but everybody says it is impossible (不可能) for him to be an artist and makes fun of his family and his dream. But Tommy never gives up. One day, he heard there was a drawing competition the following week, and anyone aged 13 and up was welcome. The winner would get 10, 000 dollars and some art equipment (设备). He thought for a minute and decided to take part in the competition. That week seemed like the longest week in his life. Every day when he got home from school, a pencil and a piece of paper were the first things in his hands. Then, the day of the competition came. He finished his drawing quickly. After two weeks, Tommy got a letter. Tommy was too afraid to open the letter. At last, he opened it slowly. Just as he read the first sentence, he began crying. However, they were not tears (眼泪) of sadness… They were tears of happiness. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。
( )31. Tommy hopes to be . A. a worker B. a doctor C. a writer D. an artist ( )32. The underlined words “makes fun of” means “ ” in Chinese. A. 嘲笑 B. 支持 C. 夸奖 D. 创造 ( )33. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Only young boys could take part in the competition. B. The winner could get about 1,000 dollars. C. The winner could get some art equipment. D. Young girls couldn’t take part in the competition. ( )34. Before the competition, when Tommy came back home, the first thing he did was . A. cook dinner for his father B. practice drawing C. finish his homework D. watch news about the competition ( )35. From the end of text we can know that . A. Tommy was sad, because he didn’t win the competition B. Tommy was happy, because he won the competition C. Tommy could never become an artist D. Tommy didn’t win the competition, but he was still happy 四. 词语运用 (10分) A. 根据句意及汉语意思写单词。 36. Bill wants to be an (工程师) when he grows up. 37. Some (渔民) are fishing in the sea now. 38. Here are (十八) apples. Let’s give them to the children. 39. Could you tell me your phone (号码)? 40. Is Sally much (更有智慧的) than her sister? B. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。
41. My brother’s dream is to be an (act) in the future. 42. — What is your (high), Bob? — 1.85 metres. 43. The famous (art) will have an art show in our city next week. 44. The great (science) will give us a talk this weekend. 45. Mr. Zhou will be the new (manage) of this company. 五. 连词成句,注意所给标点符号。 (5分) 46. you, classmates, to, are, nice, your __________________________________? 47. themselves, to, might, take, they, steps, improve __________________________________. 48. is, good, a, business, at, running, Jason __________________________________? 49. us, hard, nothing, from, can, working, stop __________________________________. 50. pilot, up, be, Tony, when, hopes, a, grows, to, he __________________________________. 六. 任务型阅读 (10分) One night, a child named Pablo had a sweet dream. He dreamed that he became a Major League Baseball (美国职业棒球联盟) player when he grew up. 51 He woke up his parents and told them about his dream. 52 He wanted to be named “Pablo Escobar.” His parents encouraged him, “If you want to be a MLB player, you have to set a goal.” 53 Every morning, he looked at his goal and remembered the dream that he wanted to be a MLB player. After 15 years, Pablo became a good player in MLB. 54 He was the star of the team. Five years later, Pablo had a beautiful wife named Jennifer Escobar. 55 Jennifer started to get worried. Pablo said to his wife, “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine.” However, things didn’t go well. Pablo was hurt badly and sent to hospital. Now Pablo is having a good rest at his home. He will always be a star of the Red Sox. 根据短文内容,将下列句子还原到文章中。 A. But in one game, Pablo broke his ankle (踝关节) while running. B. Early next morning, Pablo ran into his parents’ bedroom. C. So Pablo wrote down his goal and put it on his wall. D. His team was called the Red Sox. E. Pablo told them that he wanted to be a MLB player in the future. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 七. 短文填空 (10分) 从下面方框中选择适当的单词并用其正确形式填空。其中有两项多余。 voice take matter play television for careful lazy year show to stop Are grandparents too old to have any talents (才能)? Don’t tell that。 The Super Grandmother and Super Grandfather contest gives these old people a chance to (56) their talents to us. And this contest has been held for many years without a (57) . Every year, people aged over seventy come to Tbilisi to (58) part in the Super Grandmother and Super Grandfather contest. Some (59) the piano, some dance and some sing. Although (尽管) they are old, they perform very (60) . In fact, some of their programs (节目) are so good that they are even invited to (61) shows. In this (62) contest, 80-year-old Tsuri Kakabadze had a beautiful (63) and she got the title (头衔) of “Super Grandmother”. 77-year-old Yuri Merabov got the title of “Super Grandfather”. But the results (结果) do not really (64) in this competition. These old people just come (65) fun. I think this kind of contest should be held all over the world — Don’t you? 八. 补全对话 (10分) 根据对话内容在横线上填写恰当的句子,补全对话。
A: (66) ? You look worried. B: My brother and sister are always fighting. A: (67) ? B: The TV. They like different programs. My brother and sister don’t agree with each other. A: (68) ? B: Yes, he does. But my sister hates sports and she loves movies. A: (69) ? B: My brother thinks they are boring. A: Do they both like anything? B: Yes, they do. A: (70) ? B: Fighting。 九. 书面表达 (10分) 每个人心里都对未来有着美好的憧憬,你的未来将会是什么样子呢。
请根据下面的提示及要求,以“My future”为题写一篇英语短文。 提示: ① 我想当一名医生,帮助并照顾病人,不论多辛苦,我都不会放弃我的工作; ② 我还希望有一个幸福的家庭,我的工作和家庭会让我感到快乐。
要求: ① 语句通顺连贯,条理清晰,可适当发挥; ② 70词左右(开头已给出,不计入总词数)。
My future Everyone has his or her plan for the future. So do I. __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案: 1-5 BACBC 6-10 ACBBC 11-15 ADBBC 16-20 ADBDC 21-25 CAADB 26-30 ABCDD 31-35 DACBB 36. engineer 37. fishermen 40. wiser 42. height 43. artist 44. scientist 38. eighteen 39. number 41. actor 45. manager 46. Are your classmates nice to you 47. They might take steps to improve themselves 48. Is Jason good at running a business 49. Nothing can stop us from working hard 50. Tony hopes to be a pilot when he grows up 51-55 BECDA 56. show 57. stop 58. take 59. play 60. carefully 63. voice 64. matter 61. television 62. year’s 65. for 66. What’s wrong with you 67. For what 68. Does your brother like sports programs 69. What does your brother think of movies 70. What is it One possible version: My future Everyone has his or her plan for the future. So do I. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. If I’m a doctor, I’ll help and look after my patients. No matter how hard the job is, I won’t give it up. However, it is not easy to be a good doctor. I must work hard now. I also hope to have a happy family in the future. I will play with my children after work every day. I believe that my job and family will make me happy. 冀教版英语初中试题及答案。
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