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小学升初中英语试卷及答案 小学英语升初中试题

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小学升初中英语试卷及答案 一、按要求写单词。(10分) 1. she _______ (宾格) 2. country _________ (复数) 3. close ________ (现在分词) 4. three __________ (序数词) 5. China ________ (形容词) 6. I _________ (名词性物主代词) 7. boy _______(复数) 8. swim _______ (现在分词) 9. photo _______ (复数) 10. mouse ________ (复数) 二、选择填空。(10分) 1. Look。 Lucy is ______ a new red dress. She is beautiful today. A. with B. put on C. in D. wear 2. -- __________? -- My bike is broken. A. What is it B. What is wrong with you C. Where is it D. Whose is this 3. There are so many people in the shop. You must ________ your things. A. look at B. look after C. put away D. put on 4. I have two good pen friends. One is an American, ______ is in England. A. the other B. another one C. another D. other 5. -- _______ are his football clothes? -- Under the bed. A. Where B. Who C. Whose D. What 6. I can see ______ in Lucy's room. A. other thing B. any other thing C. some thing D. some other things 7. These are ______. You can buy a pair for your mother. A. woman sock B. women sock C. women socks D. woman socks 8. -- Thank you very much。 -- ________. A. You're right B. All right C. You are welcome D. OK. 9. -- She must be in red. No, _____. She wears a green coat. A. she is B. she must not C. I don't think so. D. I am not 10. The coat _____ the wall isn't Kate's. It's ______. A. on; his B. to; mine C. in; he D. under; him 三、用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1. The boys like to listen to music when they do ______ (they) homework. 2. My mother's work is _____ (make) our city safe. 3. One day, Mr Green asked Mrs Green ______ (go) shopping for him. 4. We would brush our _______ (tooth) twice a day. 5. This book is the lightest and ______ (thin) of all the books. 6. She is ______ (good) than Alice at swimming. 7. Janet ______ (get) up at
7:30 a.m. every day, so she is always late for school. 8. I think the ______ (four) lesson is the most difficult in this book. 9. Look at the sign. The library is _____ (close) from
1:00 p.m to
2:00 p.m. 10. Jason is used to ______ (watch) TV the whole night. 四、按要求完成下列句子。
(10分) 1. We are making a model plane. (变成一般疑问句) _____________________________________________________________________ 2. The boys are sitting under the tree. (对划线部分提问) _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Look out of the window. (改为否定句) _____________________________________________________________________ 4. We can see some birds over there. (对画线部分提问) _____________________________________________________________________ 5. The children have some apples. (改为单数句子) _____________________________________________________________________ 五、在Ⅱ栏中选出与Ⅰ栏中相应的答语。(10分) Ⅰ Ⅱ 1. What's your telephone number, please? A. He is a worker. 2. It's very cold today, isn't it? B. It doesn't matter. 3. Can you mend it? C. Yes, wonderful, thanks. 4. How is your mother? D. Sometimes. 5. Hi, this is my friend, Lily. E. My telephone number is 6262383. 6. I'm sorry to trouble you. F. Yes, it is. You need to wear warm clothes. 7. How often do you go to the park? G. Certainly. 8. Excuse me. Where is the post office? H. Nice to meet you. 9. What does your father do? I. She is OK. 10. Did you have a good trip? J. It's about twenty meters from here. 六、阅读理解, 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。(10分) It's Sunday morning. The students of Class 3 are giving their classroom a good cleaning. Miss Huang, their teacher, is working with them. The children are busy. Some are carrying water; some are cleaning the windows; others are sweeping the floor. Zhang Hua is putting up a map on the wall. It is a map of China. Wang Fei and Wei Qing are mending some broken chairs. The children are listening to the radio while they are working. The classroom looks nice and bright after the cleaning. The children are very happy. They go home for lunch at noon. 1. The children are playing in their classroom on Sunday morning. 2. Miss Huang, their mother, is working with them. 3. There is a map of China on the wall. 4. Two of them are repairing the broken chairs. 5. They are singing while they are working. 七、书面表达。
(10分) 以一种文具为题按要求写一篇英语小作文。 要求:1.要写出此文具的主要特点。 2.条理清楚,意思连贯,标点正确,书写规范。 3.不少于50个单词。 试题答案: 一、 1. her 2. countries 3. closing 4. third 5. Chinese 6. mine 7. boys 8. swimming 9. photos 10. mice 二、 C B B A A D C C C A 三、 1. their 2. making 3. to go 4. teeth 5. thinnest 6. better 7. gets 8. fourth 9. closed 10. watching 四、 1. Are you making a model plane? 2. Where are the boys sitting? 3. Don't look out of the window. 4. What can you see over there? 5. The child has an apple. 五、 E F G I H B D J A C 六、 F F T T F 七、参考范文: My Pencil-box I have a pencil-box. It is nice and big. It has many colours. There are two blocks on my pencil-box. One is yellow, the other is orange. In my pencil-box, there are pens, pencils, a ruler and an eraser. I like my pencil-box very much and my pencil-box looks like my best friend. 一、选出划线部分读音与众不同的单词(.8分) ( ) 1. A. eat B. bread C. meat ( ) 2. A. have B. take C. late ( ) 3. A. good B. cook C. soon ( ) 4. A. early B. here C. ear ( ) 5. A. pupil B. use C. run ( ) 6. A. be B. desk C. these ( ) 7. A. like B. little C. hospital ( ) 8. A. box B. something C. clock . 二、按要求写出下列各单词(5分) ( ) 1. go _____ (第三人称单数) A. gos B. goes ( ) 2. glass _____ (名词复数) A. glasses B. glassis ( ) 3. late _____ (反义词) A. early B. great ( ) 4. swim _____ (现在分词) A. swiming B. swimming ( ) 5. great _____ (音标) A. [Greit] B. [Gri:t] 三、选择划线部分的正确译文(5分) ( ) 1. Let's go and buy something to eat. A. 吃的东西 B. 吃点东西 ( ) 2.-May I use your basket? -Certainly. A. 没关系。
B. 当然可以了。
( ) 3. Please give my rubber back soon. A. 尽快 B. 尽可能 ( ) 4. I like English very much. A. 许多 B. 非常 ( ) 5. --See you next Sunday. --See you. A. 看到你。 B. 再见。 四.根据句意,填入单词所缺的字母,使句子意思完整。
(14分) 1. What‟s your brother l_________ ? He‟s tall and strong. 2. Sunday is the first day of a week.M_______ is the second day. 3. I like apple best. Apple is my favourite f__________. 4. It‟s
12:00 now. Let‟s have l_________ together. 5. The trash bin is full. Please go and empty the ___________. 6. These grapes are too s______. Please give me some sweet grapes. 7. Your hands are very dirty(脏的). Please go and w_____ them. 五:用所给的单词写句子(8分) 1. your quiet? Is sister _____________________________________ 2. often I TV Sundays. watch on _________________________________________________ 3. don‟t I salty like cucumbers. _______________________________________ 4. any Are in pandas mountains? the there ____________________________________________________ 六.选择填空,将最佳答案的编号写在括号内。(9分) 1 ( )There___ a tall tree and some flowers near my home. A. is B. are C. have 2.( ) You‟re tired(累了). Please go to the __and have a sleep. A. living room B. study C. bedroom 3.( )Can Tom and Jack use the computer? Yes,___. A. he can B. we can C. they can 4 ( ) Let‟s play__ chess together. --- Great。
A. a B. the C. / 5.( ) Look。 There is a bridge o___ the river. The boat is o_ the river A. over on B. over over C. on on 6. ( ) Those are _____. Please put them in the basket. A. tomato B. tomatoes C. a tomato 7. ( ) There_____ any end tables in my bedroom. A. are B. is C. aren‟t 8.( ) I have P.E. on Thursdays. What about you, Mike?____. A. I often have fish. B. I have math. C. I like cabbages. 9.( ) The chair is in front __ the desk. A. at B. of C. to 七. 根据实际情况,回答下列问题。(8分) 1. What‟s Yao Ming(姚明)like?________________________________ 2. What‟s your favourite food?_________________________________ 3. Are there any tall buildings in Shenzhen(深圳)?_______________ 4. What can you do at home? ________________________________ 八、选择题[5] ( ) 1. Do you like playing _____? A. a basketball B. the football C. games(篮球) ( ) 2. See you next _____. A. day B. sunny C. Saturday星期六 ( ) 3. Would you like _____? A. a tea B. a milk C. something to eat(吃点东西) ( ) 4. Can I borrow your _____? A. pen B. ruler C. pencil(尺子) ( ) 5. What _____ do you usually go to school? A. day B. time C. class(星期) 九、从B栏中选出A栏的正确译文(10分) A B ( ) next Sunday 1.起床 ( ) play basketball 2.洗衣服 ( ) do homework 3.下星期天 ( ) get up 4.走进商店 ( ) go to school 5.吃午饭 十、选择按要求所改写的句子(5分) ( ) 1. She does her homework after school. (改为否定句) A. She does not her homework after school. B. She doesn't do her homework after school. ( ) 2. They have lunch at seven in the evening. (改为一般疑问句) A. Have they lunch at seven in the evening? B. Do they have lunch at seven in the evening? ( ) 3. Do you like English? (做肯定回答) A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I am. ( ) 4. He always goes to school at seven. (就划线部分提问) A. What time does he goes to school? B. What time does he go to school? ( ) 5. We have four class every morning. (就划线部分提问) A. How many classes do you have every morning? B. How much classes do you have every morning? 十一、情景交际(6分) ( ) 1. 今天是汤姆的生日,你应该对他说 A. Happy brithday to you. B. How are you? ( ) 2. 如果你是售货员,见到顾客时应该说 A. How do you do? B. Can I help you? ( ) 3. 当别人称赞你时,你听到后应该说 A. Thank you. B. Not at all. ( ) 4. 当你想知道今天是星期几时,你应该问A. What day is it today? B. What time is it? ( ) 5. 当你想借用别人的钢笔时,你应该说 A. Please give me your pen. B. May I borrow your pen? ( ) 6. 当与别人初次见面时,你应当说 A. Nice to meet you. B. How are you.„ 十二、阅读理解(8分) This is a picture of our class. There are fifty students(中学生) in our class. You can see twenty-ive boys and twenty-five girls. There is an American student in our class. Her name is Mary. Her English is very good. We all like her. She likes eating bread and cakes. She likes drinking milk and orange juice(桔汁). We like eating rice and drinking tea. We are very happy together. 1. 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上T(对)或F(不对) ( ) 1. There is an American boy in our class. ( ) 2. Mary is an English girl. ( ) 3. She likes bread, milk and orange juice. ( ) 4. We are good friends. 2. 在A, B, C, D中选出一个最佳答案 ( ) 1. How many students are there in your class? A. Twenty-five. B. Fifty-five. C. Fifty. ( ) 2. What does the American girl like eating? A. Bread. B. Cakes. C. Cakes and bread. ( ) 3. What does she like drinking? A. Orange juice. B. Milk. C. Orange juice and milk. ( ) 4. What do the Chinese students like eating and drinking? A. Rice and tea. B. Bread and milk. C. Cakes and orange juice. 十三、阅读短文,判断句子的正误并回答问题。(9%) Hello. My name is Millie. I‟m thirteen years old. I‟m a good boy. I often play volleyball so I‟m fit and healthy. For breakfast, I always have some bread and an egg and I drink a glass of orange juice. I sometimes have rice with fish and an apple for lunch. I really love apples, because “An apple a day keeps the doctor away(离开)”. In the evening, I sometimes have a glass of milk or a cup of green tea and some biscuits. For dinner, I often have soup, meat and vegetables. I like vegetables because they are fresh and healthy. They are good for me. Look at me。 How tall and strong I am now。

1、判断句子的正误。[5分] ( ) ①Millie is 14 this year. ( ) ② Millie likes football very much.( ) ③Millie often drinks orange juice for breakfast. ( ) ④Millie likes apples because they‟re healthy. ( ) ⑤I often have vegetables for dinner.

[4分] ⑥ What‟s Millie like now?_________________________________⑦ Hello. Millie. Why do you like vegetables? __________________ 小学升初中英语模拟试题
(一) 一、单词辨音 找出每组单词中划线部分读音与其余三个不同的选项。
(6分) 1. ( ) A. third B. circle C. turn D. Saturday 二、 2. ( ) A. colour B. pencil C. can D. cake 3. ( ) A. know B. brown C. low D. window 4. ( ) A. cook B. good C. food D. look 5. ( ) A. season B. please C. eat D. great 6. ( ) A. elephant B. eleven C. evening D. envelope 二、单项选择 从下列每小题A、B、C三个选项中选出一个正确的选项。(10分) ( )

1、They are reading about an English boy ________ the newspaper. A. on B. at C. in ( )

2、Can I have ________ postcards? A. any B. a C. some ( )

3、Who do you want to ________? A. write B. write to C. writing ( )

4、I ________ lots of people in the park yesterday afternoon. A. saw B. see C. am seeing ( )

5、Yang Ling and I ________ have the same hobbies. A. all B. both C. are ( )

6、You ________ me about it yesterday. A. tell B. told C. talked ( )

7、Are you going to take part ________ the meeting? A. on B. at C. in ( )

8、There ________ a concert in the school tomorrow. A. is B. are C. have ( )

9、Which season do you like ________? A. better B. good C. best ( )

10、The car is ________ than the old one. A. nice B. nicer C. very nice 三、英汉词组互译。
(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) 1. by the way ________________ 2. a quarter to one ______________ 3. do more exercise _____________ 4. of course _______________ 5. 去散步 ______________________ 6. 在公共汽车站_______________ 7. 在秋季 _____________________ 8. 上课;有课 ________________ 9. 写一封信 ___________________ 10. 下个星期 __________________ 四、单词填空 从所给的句子中选出一个符合题意的单词,使句子完整。(10分) 1. The students are listening to the teacher ____________ (quiet)in class. 2. Whose comb is this? It's ______ (she), I think. 3. It's
2:00 in the afternoon. The children __________(make) a kite. 4. Let usgo and join _______ (they). 5. That girl can ______ (sing) French songs. 6. What is in the basket? There ______(be) some apples in it. (be) 7. How many ______ (read) rooms are there in this building? 8. Miss Li lives on the _______ (two) floor in this building. sister likes _______ (run) very much. 10. Helen _______ (pick) many apples on the farm last week. 五、句型转换 将下列句子按要求改写。
(9分) does well in Maths. (改为否定句) 2.I know his telephone number. (改为一般疑问句) 3.I get up at six thirty every day. (用yesterday morning 替代every day) are going to see a film tomorrow. (对画线部分提问) is an English girl. (变为复数) 6. the, like, what, weather, June, is, in (?) ____________________________________________? 六、完成句子 根据所给的中文意思,完成其英文句子。
(每空一词,每词0.5分,满分10分) 1. Jack只有四岁但他总是有许多的问题。 Jack is only _______ years old but he __________ has a lot of ___________. 2. — Tom比你跑得快吗。— 是的。
不过他比Janny跑得慢。 — __________ Tom ___________ ____________ than you? — Yes, he __________ . But he ___________ ____________ than Janny. 3. 今天是运动日。所有的学生都很兴奋。Su Hai 和Su Yang 正在看跑步比赛。
It is Sports Day. ___________ the students are very ____________. Su Hai and Su Yang are _____________ the running race. 4.春天天气暖和。树变绿。
It is _______ in spring. The trees turn __________. 5.你可以在电影院前乘8路公交车。 You can______________bus No. 8__________ __________ __________the cinema. 6. Su Yang比我小了二十分钟。
Su Yang is 20 minutes ____________ than _____________. 七、阅读理解(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) (A) Mr. Green is an Englishman. He is a teacher. He teaches English in No.15 Middle School in Beijing. He likes teaching a lot. He goes to work by school bus every morning There are fifty students in his class. He speaks English with them in class. He plays games with them after class. He likes them very much. And his students love him, too. They are good friends. 判断下列句子与短文内容是否相符,相符的用“√”表示,不相符的用“×”表示。
( )1. Mr. Green is Canadian. ( )2. He likes teaching very much. ( )3. He goes to work by bike every morning. ( )4. He speaks Chinese in class. ( )5. He likes his students very much. (B) This is a picture of a family. The grandmother’s name is Harry Smith. The grandfather’s name is Jean Smith. They are very old. They are Americans. The father’s name is Lake Smith. He is 44. The mother’s name is Kate Smith. She is 40. They have a son of ten and a daughter of fifteen. The son’s name is John Smith and the daughter’s mane is Mary Smith. They are students of No.12 Middle School. Kate is a teacher of the same school. Lake is a policeman. It’s a very good family. ( )1. Lake Smith’s parents are . A. Americans B. American C. America ( )2. John’s father is . A. 44 B. 40 C. very old ( )3. Mary’s mother is a . A. teacher B. policeman C. doctor ( )4. They are in the school. A. some B. same C. any ( )5. The family has children. A. six B. two C. four 八、写作.(15分) 以My family为题,写一篇不少于5个句子的作文 小学升初模拟试题
(一) 答案 一、DBBCDC 二、CCBAB,BCACB 三、1. 顺便说 2.
12:45 3.做更多的练习运动 4.当然 5. go for a walk 6. at the bus stop 7. in autumn 8. have school 9. write a letter 10. next week 四、1. quietly 2. hers 3. are making 4. them 5. sing6. are 7. reading 8. second 9. running 10. picked 五、1. He doesn’t do well in Maths. 2. Do you know his telephone number? 3. I got up at six thirty yesterday morning. 4. What are they going to do tomorrow? 5. They are English girls. 6. What is the weather like in June? 六、1. four, always, questions 2. Does, run, faster, does, runs, slower 3. All, excited, watching 4. warm, green 5. take, in front of 6. younger, me 七、×√××√,AAABB 小学英语升初中试题。
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