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1304 431 Transport Phenomena it Umpuch Department of Chemical Engineering Ubon Ratchathani University Example 4 Upward Flow in a cylindrical annulus kR R ∆r ∆z L z 0 r PL Vz z+∆z τrz r τrz r+∆r Vz z P0 Fig. 4 Upward flow in a cylindrical annulus Rate of momentum balance around shell Term 1 Term 2 Rate of momentum in - Rate of momentum + Shell in z-direction out shell in z+∆z by convection by convection Term 4 Term 5 - Rate of momentum + Sum of external = out shell in r+∆r forces acting By molecular diffusion on shell We obtain: Term 3 Rate of momentum in shell in r-direction by molecular diffusion Term 6 Rate of momentum accumulation Divided through the equation by and then take limit : 初中试题app。
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