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2019定语从句高考真题专练(已整理) 定语从句初中试题

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A 组 2016~2014 年各省市高考题(改编) 1. (2016 ·全国Ⅰ, 65)My connection with pandas goes back to my days on a TV show in the mid -1980s, ________ I was the first Western TV reporter. 2. (2016 ·全国Ⅱ,阅读 A)Simon is a comedian and actor ________has 10 years ’experience of teaching comedy. 3.(2016 ·全国Ⅱ,阅读 D)Frank Hurley, a confident and gifted Australian photographer who knew the Antarctic, was hired to make the images, most of ________have never before been published. 4.(2016 ·全国Ⅲ,47)Some people think that the great Chinese scholar Confucius,________lived from roughly 551 to 479 B. C, influenced the development of chopsticks. 5. (2016 ·全国Ⅲ,完形 )When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football meant beating out Miller King, ________was the best player at our school. 6. (2016 ·北京, 22)I live next door to a couple________children often make a lot of noise. 7. (2016 ·四川,阅读 C)I prefer to work in black and white, ________ allows me to show different specific worlds more clearly. 8. (2016 ·四川,阅读 D)Researchers have discovered that “ night milk ” contains more褪黑melatonin(激素), ________has been proven to help people feel sleepy and reduce anxiety. 9. (2016 ·四川,短文改错 )The dishes what I cooked were Mom ’ s favorite.________ 10.(2016 ·江苏,23)Many young people, most of________were well- educated,headed for remote regions to chase their dreams. 11.(2016 ·浙江, 11)Scientists have advanced many theories about why human beings cry tears, none of ________ has been proved. 12.(2015 ·江苏, 21)The number of smokers, ________ is reported, has dropped by 17 percent in just one year. 13.(2015 ·湖南, 29)It is a truly delightful place, ________ looks the same as it must have done 100 years ago with its winding streets and pretty cottages. 14.(2015 ·浙江, 19)Creating an atmosphere in ________ employees feel part of a team is a big challenge. 15.(2015 ·重庆, 14)He wrote many children's books, nearly half of ________ were published in the 1990s. 16.(2015 ·四川, 3)The books on the desk, ________ covers are shiny,are prizes for us. 17.(2015 ·安徽, 28)Some experts think reading is the fundamental skill upon________school education depends. 18.(2015 ·福建,34)China Today attracts a worldwide readership,________ shows that more and more people all over the world want to learn about China. 19.(2014 ·安徽, 22)The exact year ________ Angela and her family spent together in China was 2008. 20.(2014 ·北京,26)I borrowed the book SherlockHolmes from the library last week,________ my classmates recommended to me. 21.(2014 ·山东, 10)A company ________ profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad. 22.(2014 ·重庆, 9)We'll reach the sales targets in a month ________ we set at the beginning of the year. 23.(2014 ·四川, 4)Until now, we have raised 50,000 pounds for the poor children,________ is quite unexpected. 24.(2014 ·陕西,13)Please send us all the information ________ you have about the candidate for the position. 25.(2015 ·北京, 24)Opposite is 's Church, ________ you can hear some lovely music. 26.(2015 ·陕西,15)As the smallest child of his family,Alex is always longing for the time ________he should be able to be independent. 27.(2015 ·天津, 15)The boss of the company is trying to create an easy atmosphere ________ his employees enjoy their work. 28.(2014 ·江苏,22)The book has helped me greatly in my daily communication,especially at work ________ a good impression is a must. 29.(2014 ·福建, 31)Students should involve themselves in community activities ________ they can gain experience for growth. 30.(2014 ·浙江, 5)I didn't become a serious climber until the fifth grade,________ I went up to rescue a kite that was stuck in the branches of a tree. B 组 2016~2015 模拟精选题 1.(2016 ·东北三省四校联考 )Prince William took a visit to the Forbidden City on Feb.28,________emperors once lived. 2. (2016 ·安庆一中模拟 )Water rafting, ________courage plays an important role, is a breathtaking outdoor sport. 3. (2016 ·天水模拟 )He worked in a car factory for four years, after________he founded his own company in his hometown. 4. (2016 ·福建泉州三月质检 )The stadium is very splendid and attractive in appearance,________may be imagined. 5.(2016 ·浙江瑞安八校联考 )Now their talks have reached a key stage ________ one side must give in to the other. 6. (2016 ·陕西临潼华清中学模拟 )He wrote a long letter ________ he explained what had happened in the accident. 7. (2016 ·广州六校联考 )We are hoping for support from r ,without ________ support we can ’ t make it. 8. (2015 ·衡阳八中一模 )Jane paused in front of a counter ________ some attractive ties were on display. 9. (2015 ·湖南十三校联考 )He desired to follow that girl ,but longed for the woman ________ spirit had truly companioned and supported him. 10.(2015 ·陕西咸阳模拟 )Maybe you have a habit ________ is driving your family crazy. 11.(2015 ·四川绵阳二诊 )Nick ’ s guests,________ had heard their conversation,asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could. 12.(2015 ·福州六校质检 )However there are times ________ urgent things are most important as well ,for example,helping a crying baby in the kitchen due to the fire stove. 13.(2015 ·林一中月考吉 )The people of Chu ________ mourned Qu ’ s death threw rice into the river to feed ghost every year on the day of his death. 14.(2015 ·乌鲁木齐一中月考 )Once upon a time there was a rich merchant ________ had 4 wives. 15.(2015 河·南新乡一中月考 )In the following years,there were fewer drop-outs and more college graduates in my village , ________ I am proud of even today. 16.(2015 ·河北正定中学月考 )The lazy boy is expecting a way in ________ he can get through the exams without hard work. 17.(2015 ·内蒙古师大附中月考 )The boss ________ company I worked in two years ago has much experience in solving such kind of problem. 18.(2015 ·湖南衡阳八中月考 )So I decided to leave home for New York, I might have a better chance to find a good job. 19.(2015 ·河北石家庄二中开学考 )Third ,we may fall behind others,________ makes us stressed. 20.(2015 ·甘肃民乐一中诊断 )All of a sudden ,her handicap was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl, ________ smile just melted me. 参考答案 A 组 2016~ 2014 年各省市高考题(改编) 写关系副词 when。 ] 2. who/that 考查定语从句的关系代词,先行词是 1. when 由句子结构可以判断这是一个定语从句,先行词是表示时间的 in the mid - 1980s,从句中缺少状语,因此填 a comedian and actor,在从句中做主语,所以用 images,所以用 which 。
] who 或者 that。
] 3. which 考查定语从句。
介词后跟关系代词,先行词为 5. who 考查定语从句。
先行词为 Miller King 4. who 考查定语从句。后面是非限制性定语从句,先行词指人,故用 ,故用 who。 ] who。 ] 6. whose 考查定语从句。句意:我住在一对夫妇的隔壁,他们的孩子经常弄出很大的噪音。
先行词为 意可知 children 与 couple 之间为所属关系,故用关系代词 whose。 ] 7. which 考查非限制性定语从句,从句中缺少主语,先行词是前面的整个句子。
8. which 考查非限制性定语从句,从句中缺少主语,先行词是 10.whom melatonin。 ] couple,由句 ] 9. what → which/that 或去掉 what 考查定语从句,并在从句中作宾语,指物,用关系代词 育。根据句子结构可知,此处为定语从句,先行词为 that/which ,也可省略。
] 考查定语从句的用法。句意:很多年轻人前往偏远地区去追逐他们的梦想,他们中的很多人都受过良好教 Many young people ,作介词 of 的宾语,故要用 whom 。 ] 11. which 考查定语从句。句意:科学家们已经提出许多关于人类为什么哭泣会流泪的理论,其中没有一个已被证明 的。分析句子成分可知,空处引导定语从句,此处是非限制性定语从句, 该定语从句。
] which 代替 many theories ,故应用 which 引导 句意:据报道,吸烟者的数量在一年内下降了 点 ”,代替整个主句的内容。 ] 13.which 句意:这真是一个令人开心的地方, 14.which 15.which 16.whose 17.which 18. which 17%。as 引导的定语从句,在这里作主语,意为 “正如,这一 它看起来和一百年前一模一样, 有着蜿蜒的街道和漂亮的小屋。 which that。 ] 代替先行词 place,在定语从句中用作主语,引导非限制性定语从句。不可用 点状语,此处 in which 相当于 where。作介词宾语不可用 句意:他写了很多的儿童书,其中接近一半是在 句意:创造一种使员工感到自己是团队一部分的氛围是一大挑战。先行词为 that。
] an atmosphere,在从句中作地 20 世纪 90 年代出版的。根据句子结构以及选项可知是考 which 代指前面的 查非限制性定语从句,从句中缺少主语。
此处关系代词 books,作介词 of 的宾语。 ] 考查定语从句。句意:桌上的书是给我们的奖励,那些书的封面闪闪发光。本题考查非限制性定语从句的 句意:一些专家认为阅读是学校教育所依赖的基本技能。 连接词,先行词为 the books,和 covers 之间是所有关系,故用 whose。 ] 词后只能用 which 或 whom 来构成定语从句的引导词, 主句,在从句中作主语,用 which 来引导。
] 先行词为物,故用 考查定语从句。 depend on/upon 依靠,依赖,介 which 。] 句意:《中国日报》吸引了全世界的读者,这表明世界上越来越多的人想了解中国。先行词是前面的整个 19.which/that/ 不填 考查定语从句。
句意: Angela 和她的家人一起呆在中国的那一年是 在定语从句中作 spent 的宾语且指物,故用 which 也可用 that 或省略。 ] 20. which 2008 年。
先行词 the exact year 考查非限制性定语从句。句意:上个星期,我从图书馆借了同学给我推荐的《大侦探福尔摩斯》 。先行词 whose 作 set 的宾 the book 在定语从句中作 recommend 的宾语,所以要用关系代词,先行词是物,故用 定语。 ] 22. which 23.which which 。] 21.whose 考查定语从句。句意:利润来源于国内市场且在下降的公司可以到国外寻找机会。此处关系代词 考查定语从句。句意:一个月之后我们就能完成年初制定的销售目标。先行词 targets 在从句中作 语,故要用关系代词 which 。
] 集了 5 万英镑,这是我们始料未及的。
考查定语从句关系词的用法。显然这是一个非限制性定语从句。句意:到目前为止我们已经为贫困儿童筹 which 指代整个主句。 ] that,不用 which 。 ] 24.that 考查定语从句。句意:请把所有有关这个职位候选人的信息发给我们。先行词 have 的宾语,前面又有 all 来修饰,故只能用 information 在定语从句中充当 句意:对面是圣保罗教堂,在那里你可以听到一些优美的音乐。先行词是 完整,去掉空后依然是完整的句子,可推断出关系词在从句中作的是地点状语,故用 26.when 句意: 作为家里最小的孩子, Alex 总是盼望着他有独立的时间。
when。] 后面的从句是完整的句子,先行词在从句中充当状语,所以填 27.where 28.where 为 an easy atmosphere,在从句中作地点状语,故要用 where。
] 's Church,从句主谓宾成分 where。
] 考查定语从句。
定语从句的先行词是 time , 句意:该公司的老板试图创造轻松的氛围,这样他的员工就可以享受工作的乐趣。考查定语从句。
先行词 考查定语从句的引导词。句意:这本书在我的日常交流中帮了很大的忙,尤其是在良好印象是一项必要条 件的工作中。根据句式结构该定语从句中 work 是先行词,指事物,在从句中作抽象概念的地点状语,故用 where。 ] 29.where 考查定语从句。
句意:学生应该潜心于社区活动之中,在这些活动中,他们可以获取成长的经验。在定语从句中缺少地点状语,故用 where。
] 30. when 考查定语从句。句意:直到五年级,我才真正会爬树,当时,我爬上一棵树,拿下了挂在树枝上的风筝。
后面的定语从句是完整的句子;先行词为 B 组 2016~ 2015 模拟精选题 词,在定语从句中作地点状语,故填 the fifth grade ,表时间概念,所以填 when。
] 1. where 考查定语从句。句意:威廉王子在 where。 ] 2 月 28 日参观了紫禁城,皇帝曾在那里住过。
the Forbidden City 作先行 2. where 考查定语从句。句意:激流漂流是一项很刺激的户外运动,在这个运动上,勇气是十分重要的。
从句中缺 少状语,用 where 表示模糊的地点概念。 ] 的公司。根据句意,可知要用关系代词 3. which 考查非限制性定语从句。句意:他在一家汽车公司里工作了四年,在那以后,他在他的家乡建立了他自己 which ,介词后跟 which 。] ] 4.as 本题考查的是 as 引导的非限制性定语从句,此时 正如想象的那样,体育馆从外表上看很壮丽,很吸引人。 5. where 考查定语从句。先行词是 where 引导。 ] as 指的是整个主句,在从句中担当主语,意为:正如。
句意: stage,从句是完整的句子,先行词表示模糊的地点概念,在从句中作状语,故用 a long letter 是先行词,从 6. where 句意:他写了一封信,在信中他解释了交通事故中所发生的事情。定语从句中, 句中意思完整,不缺少成分,所以用关系副词 和 support 之间是所属关系,作其定语,所以用 where,表示在信中。 ] whose。 ] 7. whose 考查定语从句的引导词。
句意:我们正寻求韦伯斯特先生的支持,没有他的支持,我们不能成功。先行词 8. where 考查限制性定语从句的引导词。
先行词为 9. whose 考查限制性定语从句的引导词。
先行词是 10. that/which 语,不能省略。
] 考查限制性定语从句的引导词。 a counter,在从句中作地点状语,故要用关系副词 where。 ] the woman ,定语从句中名词 spirit 缺少定语,故要用 whose。
] habit 是先行词, which 或 that 引导的是定语从句,并且在从句中作主 11. who 考查非限制性定语从句的引导词。先行词为 性定语从句中不可用 that 引导。 ] 12. when 考查限制性定语从句的引导词。先行词为 考查限制性定语从句。先行词是 考查限制性定语从句。
先行词为 Nick ’ s guests,指人,且在从句中作主语,故要用 who。
非限制 times,在从句中作时间状语,故用关系副词when。 ] who/that 。 ] 13. who/that 14. who/that 15. which 16.which The people of Chu ,在从句中作主语,故用 which 。 ] a rich merchant ,在定语从句中作主语,故答案为who/that 。 ] 考查非限制性定语从句。从句中缺少宾语,指代上句内容,故用 in,只能用关系代词 which 。] 考查限制性定语从句。
那个懒惰的孩子正在期盼有一种能让他不付出努力就能通过考试的方法。虽然先行 词为 way,但前面有介词 17. whose 考查限制性定语从句。
两年前我工作的那个公司的老板在解决类似这种问题方面很有经验。先行词是 boss, company 与 the boss 是所属关系,故用 whose 作 company 的定语。
] the New York , 18. where 考查非限制性定语从句。我决定到纽约去,在那里我可能会有机会找到更好的工作。先行词是 where 引导。 ] 在定语从句中作地点状语,故用 19.which 20 . whose 代前面句子内容,所以用 which 。
] 考查非限制性定语从句。由前面的句子和逗号判断此处是非限制性定语从句,从句中缺少主语,而且是指 考查非限制性定语从句的引导词。 先行词 girl 在从句中作定语,所以要用 whose。 ] 定语从句初中试题。
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