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仁爱英语九年级上学期英语词汇竞赛试题及答案 英语竞赛初中试题及答案

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九年级上学期英语词汇竞赛试题 (满分100分) 姓名 ________________ 班级 ________________ ⅠⅠ根据音标提示填词。(每小题1分,共10分) 1. The little boy is / ______________ my control. 2. That  ___________ looks like a snake. 3. There was nothing but ss _________________in the room. 4. With the help of this new ________________, they finished the work quickly. ice is too thin to bear your ________________. It’s too dangerous. 6. With the development of ________________, our lives are getting better and better. 7. We shouldn’t use _____________ bags when we go shopping. 8. Don’t throw ___________ on the street. It’s bad for the environment. 9. He is very _____________. Let’s give him some water to drink. 10. Jim ____________ on the door for a few times, but no one answered. Ⅱ根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。
(每小题1分,共15分) 1. They often go to the countryside for vacation because they want to get c_________ to nature. 2. Can you t______________ this Chinese sentence into English? 3. — We know several m______________ of English learning from this passage. —Remember to choose one that fits you best. 4. A rocket is used for sending s__________________ or spaceships into space. 5. It’s said that Edison made more than one thousand i_______________ during his life. 6. China has a p_______________ of about 1.3 billion. 7. This book is w______________ in English. 8 I heard such a funny story that I couldn’t help l__________. 9. If you don’t understand , you can ask me to e____________ it to you. 10. I often learn English by listening to tapes in order to improve my listening a_________. 11. In a___________ China, many emperors made special medicine for a long life. 12.—What’s the d_____________ from Beijing to Haikou? —It’s about 3000 kilometers. 13. Mr. Green is r_____________ as the most popular teacher in his school. Many students like him. 14. Now there are all kinds of food and clothes to s____________ people’s needs. 15. Please write to me as soon as p____________. Ⅲ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共15分) two ___________(German) are from Germany. h is spoken _____________(different) in different English-speaking countries. the word “knew”, the letter“k”is not _______________(pronounce). 4 It was raining heavily when he drove home. What’s ___________ (bad), his car broke down on the way. place of interest is visited by millions of ______________(tourist). are ______________(pride) of what he did. is used for _____________(cut) things. fish was ________________ (eat) by Tom. He thought is was delicious. are away from our topic. Let’s get back to our ______________ .(discuss) 10. You should pay attention to the __________________ (pronounce) of this word. 11. This is a book about _______________ (Britain) history. 12. The mountain is _______________ (cover) with green trees. It looks so beautiful. 13. When I entered middle school, I had a lot of trouble _____________ (learn) English. 14. Jim ___________ (take) part in some volunteer activities last summer. 15. —Someone has ___________ (steal) my money. — I’m sorry to hear that. Ⅳ.根据句意, 从方框中选择恰当的单词并用其正确形式填空。
该题分为两组(每小题1分,共10分) retell, produce, boring ,improve, understand old car was ______________ in Germany in the 1980s. you tell me how _______________ my reading? you make yourself _______________ when you were in the U.S.A.? was told _________________ the story in class. has nothing to do at present. She feels ___________. hero, develop, proper, sleep, large 6.I feel very tired and ____________ because I stayed up last night. population of China is _______________ than that of India. you answer the difficult question _______________。
two space _____________ will come to our school to give a talk tomorrow. the _______________ our country, we are living a better and better life. Ⅴ根据汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。(每小题1分,共50分) 1. Did you _______________________ the tickets? (succeed) 你成功订到票了吗。 2. Great changes ______________________here in the last 20 years. (take) 在最近的20年间这里发生了巨大的变化。 3. ______________________________ , I’m only 35 years old, so don’t say I’m old.(as) 事实上,我还只有35岁,所以不要说我老。 4. _______________ that job, I began to like reading. (thank) 多亏那份工作,我开始喜欢阅读了。 5. Computers __________________________________ our daily life. (play) 电脑在我们的日常生活中扮演重要角色。 government has ______________________ to improve their living conditions. (measure) 政府已采取措施来改善他们的生活条件。
7. Be sure to ________________________________ me while you are away. (touch) 当你离开时一定要与我保持联系。 8. Jane has ________________________ this term. (make) 简这学期取得了进步。 should _____________________________________ protecting the environment. (contribution) 我们应该为保护环境做出贡献。
1 10. Reading in the dark ________________________ your eyes. (do) 在黑暗中阅读对眼睛是有害的。 11. Mike did ______________________ Henry. They both failed the final exam. (better) 迈克表现得不比亨利好多少,他们在期末考试中都没及格。 12. _____________________ students are going to plant trees on the hill tomorrow. (few) 明天,相当多的学生要去山上植树。
Green _______________________ this matter at the meeting yesterday. (refer) 昨天格林先生在会上提到了这个问题。 ’ eat too much junk food. It ____________________ nutrition. (short) 不要吃太多垃圾食品,它们缺乏营养。
kind of animal __________________ millions of years ago. (die) 这种动物几百万年前就灭绝了。
should ____________________________________ waste water into the river. (stop) 我们应该阻止那家工厂排放污水到河里。
17.I can’t buy anything now, because my money has already ________________________. (run) 我现在不能买任何东西了,因为我的钱已用完了。 18. Although English is hard to learn, you shouldn’t ____________________. (give) 虽然英语难学,但是你不应该放弃它。
19. They _________________ the gas and electricity before you left their house last night.(shut) 他们昨晚在离家之前关掉了煤气和电。
____________________________ so many cakes. They will make you become fat. (ought) 你不应该吃这么多蛋糕。
它们将会使你发胖。 21. She has now ____________________ a happy, self-confident woman. (change) 如今她已经变成一个快乐、自信的女人。
22. We _______________________ everything here. (please) 我们对这里的一切感到满意。 23. I think your new bag _______________________ your old one. (similar) 我认为你的新包和你的旧包相似。
can _____________________________ four pieces, each child one piece. (divide) 你可以把蛋糕分成四块,一个孩子一块。 25.I failed the math exam again. I must study hard ________________________ . (now) 我的数学考试又失败了。 我从现在起一定要努力学习。 26. The young man wants to _______________________________. (ask) 这个年轻人想搭车。 27. I ____________________________ my job. (consider) 我正在考虑换工作。 28. In China people always _______________________________ candles. (compare) 在中国人们总是把教师比作蜡烛。
ng is going back to his hometown. Let’s go to the airport to ____________________. (see) 康康要回到他的家乡去了,让我们到机场去为他送行吧。 _______________________________ , and then began to climb the stairs. (breath) 他深吸了一口气,然后开始爬楼梯。 31. His father ordered that he should __________________________ in English. (keep) 他父亲命令他应该用英语写日记。 32. The poems __________________________ more than ten languages last year. (translate) 在去年这些诗被翻译成十多种语言。
33. I tried to solve all the problems myself instead of ____________________ my parents. (turn) 我试着自己解决所在问题,而不是求助于我的父母。 34. You will make progress _____________________ you keep trying. (long) 只要你坚持努力,你就会取得进步。
35. She speaks English quite well but she ________________________ grammar. (weak) 她英语讲得相当好,但是她在语法方面差。 kind of paper ________________________ wood. (make) 这种纸是由木材做成的。 37. Forests ____________________________ wood ,medicine and many other useful things every year. (provide) 森林每年为我们提供木材、药品以及许多其它有用的东西。 38.A monkey __________________________ space by the rocket last July. (send) 去年七月一只猴子被火箭送到了太空。 building _____________________________ a famous person. (name) 这栋楼以一个名人的名字命名。 you speak English, don’t be afraid of ___________________________. (mistake) 当你讲英语时,不要担心犯错误。
41. This book _____________________________. You shouldn’t miss it. (worth) 这本书值得一读,你不要错过它。 you work hard, your dream __________________________ some day. (come) 如果你努力工作,你的梦想有朝一日终将实现。
accident ____________________ on a rainy day last summer. (come) 这件事发生在去年夏天的一个雨天里。 used to get up late. But now he _________________________ up early. (use) 以前他常起床很迟,但是现在他习惯于早起。 45. If you _________________________ English, you will master it one day. (stick) 如果你坚持学英语,你有朝一日将会掌握它。 46. I am ____________________________________ from you. (forward) 我正盼望着收到你的来信。
47. ______________________________ to be invited to your birthday party. (honor) 能被邀请去你的生日聚会是我的荣幸。
48.I ___________________________ out of the house at night. It’s too dark. (dare) 我不敢在夜晚出门,太黑了。 49. Lisa ____________________________________ the present as soon as she received it. (open) 丽萨一收到礼物就迫不及待地打开了。
50. Jim ___________________________________ TV at home on school nights. (allow) 2 吉姆在学校有课的夜晚在家里不准看电视。 答案: Ⅰ. 1. beyond 2. robot 3. silence 4. machine 5. weight 6. technology 7. plastic 8. rubbish 9. thirsty 10. knocked Ⅱ. 1. close 2. translate 3. methods 4. satellites 5. inventions 6. population 7. written 8. laughing 9. explain 10. ability 11. ancient 12. distance 13. regarded 14. satisfy 15. possible Ⅲ. 1. Germans 2. differently 3. pronounced 4. worse 5. tourists 6. proud 7. cutting 8. eaten 9. discussion 10. pronunciation 11. British 12. covered 13. learning 14. took 15. stolen Ⅳ. 1. produced 2. to improve 3. understood 4. to retell 5. bored 6. sleepy 7. larger 8. properly 9. heroes 10. development Ⅴ. 1. succeed in booking 2. have taken place 3. As a matter of fact 4. Thanks to 5. play an important part in 6. taken measures 7. keep in touch with 8. made progress 9. make a contribution to 10. does harm to 11. no better than 12. Quite a few 13. referred to 14. is short of 15. died out 16. stop that / the factory from pouring 17. run out 18. give it up 19. shut off 20. ought not to eat 21. changed into 22. are pleased with 23. is similar to 24. divide the cake into 25. from now on 26. ask for a ride 27. am considering changing 28. compare teachers to 29. see him off 30. took a deep breath 31. keep a diary 32. were translated into 33. turning to 34. as long as 35. is weak in 36. is made from 37. provide us with 38. was sent into 39. is named after 40. making mistakes 41. is worth reading 42. will come true 43. came about 44. is / gets used to getting 45. stick to learning 46. looking forward to hearing 47. It’s an / my honor 48. dare not go / don’t dare to go 49. couldn’t wait to open 50. isn’t allowed to watch 3 英语竞赛初中试题及答案。
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