「优质」中考英语试题分项版解析汇编(第02期)专题02单项选择(动词(词组或短语)非谓语动词及动词时态及语 不定式初中试_教学资源|题库|学习文库-「普洱教育」

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「优质」中考英语试题分项版解析汇编(第02期)专题02单项选择(动词(词组或短语)非谓语动词及动词时态及语 不定式初中试

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优质资料 推荐下载 专题02 单项选择(动词(词组或短语)非谓语动词及动词时态及语态) 1. 【2018年安徽省中考】——I am afraid I might forget to buy the bread after work. ——Don't worry. I will you then. A. notice B. allow C. remind D. promise 【答案】C 【解析】句意:不要担心,我会提醒你的。A. notice注意到; B. allow 允许; C. remind提醒; D. promise答应;许诺;根据Don't worry可知是会提醒你;故选C 2.
【2018年安徽省中考】Some animals can ___ the color around to protect themselves. A. take on B. give up C. put away D. see off
【答案】A 3.
【2018年安徽省中考】——May I watch TV, Dad? ——When your homework is finished, you ______ A. should B. can C. must D. need
——当你的作业完成的时候,你能看。A. should 应该; B. can 能; C. must 必须; D. need需要;根据May I watch TV, Dad?肯定回答用can;故选B 点睛:can能,会 can’t不能,不可能,通常用于否定句的推测;should应该,shouldn’t不应该;may可以,可能,通常用于肯定句的推测, may not可能不;must必须,一定 mustn’t必须不能。
情态动词后接动词原形,变疑问句时把情态动词提前,变否定句在情态动词后加not 。must引导的一般疑问句,表示必须时,否定回答用needn’t;may引导的一般疑问句,否定回答用can’t 4.
【2018年安徽省中考】The weatherman says a rain shower _____ this afternoon in the south. A. expects B. expected C. is expected D. was expected
根据 a rain shower和 expect之间是被动关系,所以用被动语态,排除A/B;根据this afternoon 可知是一般现在时态;故选C 点睛:被动语态的各个时态。1)一般现在时态的 am /is are+done,例如:I am asked to study hard by my mother. 2)一般过去时态的 were/was+done,例如:A new shop was built last year. 3) 现1 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 在完成时态的 have/has been+done 例如:This book has been translated into Chiese. 4) 一般将来时态的 will be+ done, 例如:Many trees will be planted next year. 5)现在进行时态的 am/is/are+being+done, 例如:My bike is being repaired by Tom now. 5.
【2018年安徽省中考】Before the sun , we need to get to the top of the mountain. A. set B. sets C. is setting D. will set
【解析】句意:太阳落山之前,我们需要到达山顶。Before 引导的时间状语从句不能用将来时态,用一般现在时态来代替,主语the sun单三,谓语动词用单数形式;故选B 6.
【2018年贵州省安顺】 I think young phubbers(低头族)are supposed to the time they spend their smart phones. A. cut off;in B. cut down;on C. cut up;on D. cut in;in
【答案】B 7.
【2018年贵州省安顺】-- You should do what you can your English, Li Ming. -- Ok, I will. Thank you, Ms. Hu. A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. improved
【解析】句意:——你应该尽你所能来提高你的英语水平,李明。——好吧,我会的。谢谢你,胡老师。what you can (do)作动词do的宾语,为宾语从句,do what you can尽你所能,后面用动词不定式作目的状语,故答案为B。
【2018年贵州省安顺】Andy, with his parents, Hong Kong, and some shopping by them. A. have gone to; will do B. has gone to; will be done C. have been to will do D. has been to; do
【解析】句意:安迪和他的父母去了香港,他们将买一些东西。Andy是句子的主语,with his parents作状语,根据主谓一致的原则,首先排除A,C;have/has gone to表示某人去了某地,现在还没有回来,have/has been to表示某人去过某地,现已回来。根据by them判断,第二个句子是被动语态的句子,故答案为B。 2 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 9.
【2018年贵州省安顺】--Tom, have you ever read the book《A Tale of Two Cities》 by Charles Dickens ? --Yes ,I finished reading it last winter vocation. A. wrote B. to write C. writing D. written
【答案】D 点睛:现在分词与过去分词都可以用作后置定语。
现在分词表示主动意义,如:Do you know the boy standing under the tree? (可换做who is standing);过去分词一般表示被动含意,Have you found the pen bought in Beijing?(可换做that/which was bought)。现在分词表示正在进行,过去分词表示状态或做完(完成)的事。 10.
【2018年贵州省安顺】The number of the elderly(老人) increasing in China, and with the development of China economy,they better care of in the future. A. is; will take B. are; are taken C. is; will be taken D. are; will take
【解析】句意:中国老年人的数量在不断增加,随着中国经济的发展,他们将得到更好的照顾。the number of表示“……的数量”,跟复数名词连用作主语时,中心词是number,谓语动词要用单数形式,首先排除B,D;they与动词词组take care of 之间是被动的关系,故答案为C。
【2018年贵州省安顺】--The weather report says that it tomorrow in most parts of Anshun city. --If it , the school sports meet will be canceled. A. will rain; will rain B. will rain; rains C. rains; will rain D. rains; rains
【解析】句意:——天气预报说明天安顺大部分地区会下雨。——如果下雨,学校体育运动将会取消。第一个句子为宾语从句,根据tomorrow判断,从句的时态为一般将来时,首先排除C,D;第二个句子中,if引导的是条件状语从句,遵循“主将从现”的原则,因为主句是一般将来时,因此if引导的从句用一般现在时,故答案为B。 12.
The man welcoming us at the school gate be our headmaster. 3 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 --No,it be is having a meeting in the office now. A. must; can’t B. must; mustn’t C. can’t; mustn’t D. mustn’t; can
【答案】A 点睛:情态动词表推测的用法很常见,情态动词表推测的三种句式: 1.在肯定句中一般用must (一定),may(可能),might / could(也许,或许)。

(1)He must/may/might know the answer to this question. 他一定/可能/也许知道这个问题的答案。

(2)It is cold in the room. They must have turned off the heating. 屋里很冷,他们肯定把暖气关了。 2.否定句中用can’t / couldn’t (不可能), may not/might not(可能不)。

(1)It can’t/ couldn’t be the headmaster. He has gone to America.这不可能是校长,他去美国了。

(2)He may not/might not know the scientist. 他也许不认识那位科学家。
3.疑问句中用can/could (能……?)。

(1)Could he have finished the task? 他可能把任务完成了吗。

(2)Can he be at home now? 他现在能在家吗。 13.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】Would you mind ____________down the music? It's too noisy. A. to turn B. turning C. turn
本题考查动名词。A. to turn 不定式 B. turning 动名词(或现在分词) C. turn.动词原形。 mind.意为"介意;在乎"后面只能跟动名词作宾语,故选B .点睛:巧记初中英语中只能接动名词作宾语的动词: 建议抵制享受——(suggest, advise; resist; enjoy) 考虑承认冒险——(consider; admit; risk) 避免推迟实践——(avoid; delay; practise) 期待成功完成——(look forward to; succeed in; finish) 4 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 14.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】You can't ________ the bus until it stops A. get up B. get away C. get off
A. get up 起床 ; B. get away离开 ;C. get off下车。
根据句意选C 15.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】People are supposed____________ hands when they meet for the first time in America. A. shaking B. to shake C. shake
【答案】B 16.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】 Here is a banana, please___________ .We'll make a banana milk shake. A. cut them up B. cut up it C. cut it up
【解析】句意:这里有一个香蕉,请把它切切,我们要做香蕉奶昔。本题考查动词短语。Cut是动词,up是副词,动副结构的短语,如果是代词做宾语,要放在动词和副词之间。选项B是错误的,前面提到a banana,故可排除A,选C。
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】He___________ his grandparents in the countryside last week. A. visits B. visit C. visited
A. visits 单数第三人称形式; B. visit 动词原形 ;C. visited一般过去式。因为句中有一般过去式的标志性短语:last week.,故选C 18.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】 I ___________this magazine for three months. A. have bought B. have had C. have borrowed
【答案】B 5 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 19.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】Nowadays,most people prefer to________ computer games rather than___________books. A. play;reading B. play;read C. playing; reading
本题考查动词prefer 的用法。prefer to do A rather than do B比起B更喜欢做A。故答案是B 20.
【2018年黑龙江省绥化市中考】 My mother doesn't allow me_ _______outside too late on school nights. A. to stay B. stay C. staying
【解析】句意:在上学的日子里,我妈妈不允许我在外面待的太晚。本题考查动词不定式。Allow sb to do sth允许某人做某事,是固定用法,故选A 21.
【2018年湖北省恩施州中考】 Today, WeChat becomes very popular, and quite a lot of people like to use it to ______ each other. A. get in touch with B. catch up with C. keep up with
【解析】句意:今天,微信变得非常受欢迎,很多人都喜欢使用它去互相联系。A.与...取得联系B.赶上C.跟上,get in touch with each other意为“互相联系”,这是人们使用的微信的目的,不是“赶上、跟上”彼此,故选A。
【2018年湖北省恩施州中考】-- Recently, school violence ________ in some schools. -- Luckily, our government has carried out some policies to stop it. A. has appeared B. appeared C. will appear 6 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载
【答案】A 23.
【2018年湖北省恩施州中考】If you are caught smoking in the kitchen, you ______ by your boss. A. will fire B. are fired C. will be fired
【解析】句意:如果你在厨房里被抓到吸烟,你就会被老板开除。你只能“被开除”,所以需要使用被动语态be done,如果主句是将来时,那么if引导的条件状语从句用一般现在时表将来,这是主将从现的用法,本题中从句是说如果被抓到抽烟的话,用了一般现在时,那么主句用一般将来时,表示“你将会被开除”,所以用一把将来时的被动语态,will be done,故选C, 24.
【2018年湖北省恩施州中考】-- Have you seen the movie Titanic, Wangwei? -- Yes. The music in it ________. A. looks great B. sounds great C. feels great
【解析】句意:- 你看过电影“泰坦尼克号”吗。- 是的,其中的音乐听起来很棒。
点睛:本题主要考察了感官系动词的用法,感官系动词主要有look, feel, smell, sound, taste,其后都加形容词来说明主语的状况、性质等,分别表示“看起来,摸起来,闻起来,听起来,尝起来…”。 25.
【2018年湖北省恩施州中考】-- Do you think if Robert will go to the zoo tomorrow? -- I think he will go if he ________ too much homework A. don't have B. won't have C. doesn't have 7 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载
【答案】C 26.
【2018年江苏省连云港市】—How amazing this robot is。
—Wow, it has video cameras in its eyes, so it “see” and interact with people. A. may B. can C. must D. should
【解析】句意:——这个机器人多么惊人啊。——在它的眼睛里有摄像机,因此它能看见和人打交道。 A. may 可以,可能; B. can 能; C. must 必须; D. should应该;根据it has video cameras in its eyes,可知是能看见;故选B 点睛:can能,会 can’t不能,不可能,通常用于否定句的推测;should应该,shouldn’t不应该;may可以,可能,通常用于肯定句的推测, may not可能不;must必须,一定 mustn’t必须不能。情态动词后接动词原形,变疑问句时把情态动词提前,变否定句在情态动词后加not 。must引导的一般疑问句,表示必须时,否定回答用needn’t;may引导的一般疑问句,否定回答用can’t 27.
Somebody the lights. —Well, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. A. turns off B. is turning off C. was turning off D. has turned off
【解析】句意:——看,有人把灯关了。——不是我,我没做它。根据it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.可知是动作已经发生,现在的结果是灯灭了,所以用现在完成时态;故选D 28.
【2018年江苏省连云港市】The total number of online literature website users had to 352 million by the end of June 2017. And the number is still growing. A. increased B. influenced C. included D. introduced
【答案】A 8 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 29.
【2018年江苏省连云港市】—I’m sorry to on you, but there are one or two things I don’t understand. —It doesn’t matter. A. cut down B. cut out C. cut in D. cut off
【解析】句意:——对不起打断你,但是又一两个问题我不理解。——没关系。A. cut down 砍倒; B. cut out 砍掉; C. cut in 插嘴,打断; D. cut off切断;根据there are one or two things I don’t understand.可知是插嘴;故选C 30.
【2018年江苏省无锡市中考】 I don’t have much money, but I’d like to buy my dad something really special, if you know what I __________. A. want B. care C. mean D. prefer
【解析】句意:我没有很多钱,但是我想给我爸爸买点特别的东西,如果你明白我的意思。A. want想要;B. care关心;C. mean意思是,意味着;D. prefer更喜欢。前面的句子就是表达自己的观点与想法,故答案为C。
【2018年江苏省无锡市中考】The king didn’t take any notice of the noise in the crowd and __________ with the parade. A. carry on B. carry out C. carried on D. carried out
【解析】句意:国王没有注意到人群中的嘈杂声,继续游行。连词and连接两个并列句,根据前面的句子的时态判断,and后的句子也应为一般过去时,排除A,B;carry on继续进行;carry out进行,执行。
【2018年江苏省无锡市中考】—Didn’t you see the zebra crossing? You __________ slow down, son。 —Sorry, sir. Am I going to fail the test? A. can’t B. can C. mustn’t D. must
【解析】句意:——你没看见斑马线吗。你必须放慢速度,孩子。——对不起,先生。我考试会不及格吗。A. can’t不能;B. can能够,可以;C. mustn’t禁止;D. must必须。看到斑马线必须要减速,故答案为D。 33.
【2018年江苏省无锡市中考】—It’s said that drinking coffee __________ cancer. Do I have to 9 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 give it up? —Relax。 Not everything on Wechat is true. In fact, a coffee a day keeps the doctor away. A. causes B. has caused C. caused D. had caused
【答案】A 34.
【2018年山东省滨州中考】— I swim here? —I’m sorry. Children swim alone here. It’s very dangerous. A. Must; can’t B. May; must C. Can; mustn’t D. Can’t; can
孩子们禁止一个人在这里游泳。这是非常危险的。Can/May I…。
意思是“我可以做……吗。”,是提建议的一种表达方式,根据“It’s very dangerous.”判断,此处禁止一个小孩游泳,mustn’t禁止,千万别,故答案为C。 35.
【2018年山东省滨州中考】People now in many big cities have to early to avoid the heavy traffic in the morning. A. set out B. put out C. take out D. give out
【解析】句意:在许多大城市的人们不得不早早出发,避免早晨拥挤的交通。A. set out 出发;B. put out 扑灭;C. take out取出;D. give out分发。结合句意可知,答案为A。
【2018年上海市中考】 -Must I do the project on my own? -No, you____.You can work with your classmates. A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t
【答案】A 点睛:must的用法:①表示必须,否定式为mustn’t,意为“禁止”。②以must开头的疑问句,肯定回10 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 答用must,而否定回答则用needn’t或don’t have to,意为“不需要、不必”,而不能用mustn’t。这里要格外注意以情态动词开头的一般疑问句的回答并不一定都是“用什么问用什么答”,有时会有特例,本题便是,不能使用“mustn’t”,如果使用,意思就会变成“禁止”,而非“不需要”。
【2018年上海市中考】 Michael_________in a school in Yunnan from February to June next year. A. teach B. taught C. will teach D. was teaching
【解析】句意:米迦勒将于明年二月至六月在云南的一所学校任教。根据时间状语next year判断,句子的时态为一般将来时态,故答案为C。 38.
【2018年上海市中考】The film Operation Red Sea_____a lot of praise since its first show months ago. A. wins B. win C. will win D. has won
since its first show months ago是表示到目前为止的时间段,用在现在完成时态的句子中。故答案为D。 39.
【2018年上海市中考】The debate on whether to keep pets_____forty minutes yesterday afternoon. A. last B. lasted C. will last D. has lasted
【解析】句意:关于是否养宠物的争论昨天下午持续了四十分钟。根据 yesterday afternoon 可知此处时态应为一般过去时。故答案为B。 40.
【2018年上海市中考】 Please______the rubbish into diferent litter bins according to the signs. A. puts B. put C. putting D. to put
【2018年上海市中考】 Mr. Zhou is good at cooking and he has decided______his own restaurant. A. open B. opened C. to open D. opening
【答案】C Don11 优质资料 推荐下载 优质资料 推荐下载 12 优质资料 推荐下载 不定式初中试题。
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